Stall & Dean Reveal Collection Celebrating The National Negro Leagues

Tapping Black streetwear designers, notable personalities and the use of augmented reality, Stall & Dean is telling the history of The National Negro Leagues.

Stall & Dean is one of the last American companies still in business with a direct lineage to the Negro Leagues dating back to the early 1900s. Stall & Dean manufactured uniforms and equipment for The Negro Leagues since its inception. Stall & Dean also produced Negro League apparel in the late 1990s throughout the 2000s spearheading Negro League permeation into pop culture, outfitting stars in all genres including Jay-Z, P-Diddy and Shaquille O'Neal.

"The Negro Leagues have contributed many things to the game of baseball as we know it today; it's finally time to hear those stories, everything from stealing bases to wearing baseball helmets derived from the Negro Leagues, we are telling the stories that are not usually told," says Zaire Baptiste, brand and business strategist, Stall & Dean.  

Stall & Dean is now taking the time to honor the organization that is a part of its early history. The creative team at Stall & Dean have launched a multi-collaborative five-piece apparel capsule with five streetwear design companies and an augmented reality tech company to tell the story of the Negro Leagues. The story will be delivered by different personalities of all genres from music to art. The first storyteller is the poet The Legendary Black Ice, an alumni of the Def Poetry Jam Show.  

Beginning Jan. 15, Stall & Dean began pre-orders of the limited-edition capsule, with each drop consisting of only 100 pieces, and each numbered and authenticated by Stall & Dean. Pre-orders will take place online at

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