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Saban Adds to Vortexx Lineup


Saban Brand’s programming block on The CW, Vortexx, will launch a new lineup Saturday with three new shows.

“B-Daman Crossfire,” “The Spectacular Spider-Man” and “The Adventures of Chuck & Friend” have been added to the lineup alongside current marquee titles including “Sonic X,” “Justice League Unlimited,” “Dragonball Z Kai.”

“B-Daman Crossfire” follows a young boy’s search for a secret tournament with the newest toy, B-Damon.

“The Spectacular Spider-Man” follows the classic superhero as he spends his summer vacation fighting crime.

“The Adventures of Chuck & Friend,” fills out Vortexx’s Educational and Informational Hour along with “Rescue Heroes” and tells the story of Chuck, a pint-sized dump truck.