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Gruffalo Heads Home to the Woods

In celebration of the Gruffalo’s 15th anniversary, Magic Light Pictures has partnered with Forestry Commission England to launch themed trails in forests around the U.K.

From today through September, 28 activity trails through Britain’s woodlands and forests will include Gruffalo features, with the Gruffalo’s Child taking over from October to February 2015.

Themed activity guides will encourage visitors to explore the environment around them, to learn more about trees and natural habitats and to respect and enjoy the woods.

On June 7, a series of Gruffalo sculptures will be unveiled at 15 of the trail sites.

Additional activities including birthday picnic party packs are available on a special Gruffalo area of the Forestry’s website.

“The Gruffalo encourages followers to explore the real world with imagination, creativity and a true sense of adventure,” says Daryl Shute, brand director, Magic Light. “With emphasis on learning and the great outdoors, Forestry Commission England is the perfect partner, and we’re delighted to be teaming up with them in this anniversary year to launch these exciting new series of trails.”