Igloo Releases Limited-Edition Beatles Playmate Cooler

New cooler is inspired by the band’s final album, “Let It Be.”

Igloo has announced a new, limited-edition Little Playmate cooler that pays tribute to The Beatles final album, “Let It Be,” released in 1970. 

“To unite The Beatles – true cultural and musical icons – and their historic ‘Let It Be’ album with our world-famous Playmate cooler is a really cool occasion for our brand,” says Brian Garofalow, chief marketing officer, Igloo. “Through this limited-edition Let It Be Little Playmate, designed with incredible graphics of the Fab Four, Beatles fans can enjoy ice-cold refreshments while celebrating their all-time favorite band. And with the holidays coming up, this cooler makes the perfect gift for every Beatles fan.” 

Igloo designed The Beatles Let It Be Little Playmate – a 7-quart cooler that fits up to nine 12-ounce cans – with a collage of graphics and photography of The Beatles from their final album “Let It Be” and its single releases. The artwork, which prominently features bandmates John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, can be seen across all four panels of the Little Playmate’s trademarked tent top. 

Featuring artwork and photography from the band’s album, the Let It Be Little Playmate is available at Igloocoolers.com/thebeatles, while supplies last. 


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