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King Kong Picks Up New Agent

Dimensional Branding Group has been named the exclusive licensing agency for the iconic character King Kong as part of DeVito ArtWorks’ property King Kong of Skull Island.

Joe DeVito's prequel/sequel book Kong: King of Skull Island joins Merian C. Cooper's King Kong, the official family property of the creator of the original King Kong brand, under DBG umbrella, offering a robust portfolio of story and art available for the iconic brand.

DBG will work alongside Festa Entertainment, global manager of the rights to the property including television and film, to oversee the King Kong of Skull Island licensing program.

DBG plans to extend the property across a wide range of categories including digital and interactive platforms, promotions and consumer products.

“An opportunity to represent a brand like King Kong with the backing of the creator and combing both the story lines and art of Merian C. Cooper and DeVito ArtWorks is rare,” says John Leonhardt, president, DBG. “We look forward to extend the King Kong brand into new product categories including the vast digital landscape that King Kong has yet to conquer. It will evolve into new ways for fans of all ages to interact with King Kong.”