Syfy Extends 3D Printing Deals

“12 Monkeys,” “Dark Matter” and other TV series to inspire MakerBot 3D models.

Syfy Labs, Syfy’s innovation lab and MakerBot have expanded their partnership through a line of exclusive 3D models based on five of the network’s original series.

The new range will feature models such as the time machine from “12 Monkeys” and an alien skull from “Hunters,” and will also include models from “The Magicians,” “Killjoys” and “Dark Matter.”

“We’re excited not only to see the partnership between MakerBot and Syfy Labs grow, but also for the new designs that will be uploaded to Thingiverse,” says Eric Mortenson, community manager, MakerBot Thingiverse. “Since Syfy joined Thingiverse at the beginning of this year, they’ve reached nearly 1,000 followers who, among others, are no doubt excited to see what comes next.”

Syfy Labs began its partnership with MakerBot in January with a number of 3D models, including the spaceships The Knight and The Canterbury from Syfy’s series “The Expanse.”

Printable files for the 3D models are available now on

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