Ford Partners for Bikes


The Ford Motor Company has signed a new deal with Dahon for a line of branded bicycles.

Together the two companies plan to design a full line of bikes for global distribution that, in addition to traditional bicycles, will also include folding and electronic bikes for adults and children. Dahon is also planning a full line of accessories to accompany the bike line.

The first products from the new line are expected to launch in 2014.

“We’re pleased to be working with Dahon as both our companies are committed to delivering smart, high-quality mobility solutions that meet customers’ needs,” says John Nens, director, global brand licensing and corporate identity, Ford Motor Company. “Dahon is a great company, and we are excited to be working with the industry leader with 30-plus-years of bike-making experience.”

For both companies the partnership is an opportunity to further their initiatives toward environmentally friendly transpiration solutions.

“By partnering with such an environmentally conscious company as Ford, we are taking the next steps in highlighting the need to reduce carbon emissions and influencing today’s auto-dependent public to think about the importance of changing their transport habits to help sustain a greener future,” says David Hon, chief executive officer and founder, Dahon.