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PR Entrepreneur, Artist Launch Art Licensing Company

The PR team behind Alliances By Alisa Media Relations has launched an art licensing agency.

The PR experts behind Alliances By Alisa Media Relations has launched an art licensing agency called Alliances By Alisa Art Licensing.

To date, the agency already boasts a roster of award-winning, international artists and fine art photographers. The agency markets their clients artwork to prominent print, puzzle, publishing, greeting card and textile companies.

Alliances By Alisa Art Licensing currently represents the work of the artists, textile and pattern designers and photographers including:

  • Alan Giana - scenic landscape prints
  • Catherine M. Elliot - contemporary impressionism prints
  • Joseph Elliot - luminous landscape photographs
  • Brandon Dowling - artistic humanity and nature photographs
  • Karen Burke - whimsical art of nature and human prints
  • Fineapple Pair - hand-painted clip art prints
  • Jesse David Harris - object and architectural photographs
  • Steven Bove - fantasy cartoon prints
  • Sue C. Brown - textile design prints 
  • Patrizia Donaera - children’s book illustration prints 
  • Christine Reichow - watercolor fine art prints
  • Jody Wheeler - children’s book watercolor prints
  • Lacy Tatum - hand-painted clip art prints
  • Sandra Hutter - design illustration prints 
  • Marcin Poludniak – lively children’s illustrations
  • Stacey Lokey – Stained glass inspired designs and patterns
  • Monica Kapur - textile pattern prints

Artwork from its clients is being featured on greeting cards, calendars, fabric, puzzles, pillows, wall canvases, flags, and many other product lines. The agency has secured licensing agreements with manufacturers such as Manual Woodworkers and Weavers, Ravensburger Puzzles, Evergreen Enterprises, Masterpieces Puzzles and Willowcreek Press.

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