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Kidrobot Unveils a New Dunny Series with The MET

TheMET copy.png
This is the second collaboration between the two entities.

Today, Kidrobot unveiled the second series of Dunny Art Figures in a Kidrobot x The Met Collection. 

The new line includes limited-edition 3-inch, 8-inch and 20-inch Dunny art figures showcasing pieces from Claude Monet, Katsushika Hokusai, Charles Demuth, the world of Ancient Greek art and Ancient Egypt. 

The collection will be in-stock online at, in The Met Store and select retailers late 2022. 

Pieces from the collection include: 

  • The Met 3” Showpiece Dunny – Monet “Bouquet of Sunflowers”  

  • The Met 3” Showpiece Dunny – Demuth “I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold” 

  • The Met 3” Showpiece Dunny – Greek Panathenaic Amphora 

  • The Met 3” Showpiece Dunny – Hokusai “Great Wave” 

  • The Met 8” Showpiece Dunny – Monet “Bouquet of Sunflowers”  

  • The Met 8” Masterpiece Dunny – Mondrian Composition   

  • The Met 8” Masterpiece Dunny – Coffin of Itamun 

  • The Met 20” Foundation Dunny – Hokusai “Great Wave”  




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