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]> This year, the Mipcom Junior and Mipcom television markets in Cannes promise to o

April 6, 2018

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This year, the Mipcom Junior and Mipcom television markets in Cannes promise to offer a raft of new program ideas and licensing opportunities.

October's Mipcom Junior and Mipcom television markets are the key events on the show calendar, and this year is no different. i1_561.jpg

In a crowded and competitive marketplace, producers and distributors will be vying for their place among the stars as they try to pick up the best distribution deals and create the strongest licensing programs.

Mipcom is the first outing for the newly expanded Cookie Jar, which is showing for the first time since its acquisition of DIC Entertainment and the Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears and Sushi Pack properties from American Greetings.

Kirk Bloomgarden, executive vice president worldwide of consumer products at Cookie Jar, is seeking out partners for fully comprehensive licensing programs for three new focus properties: Metajets, a CGI animation aimed at boys 6 to 11; preschool animation Noonbory and the Super 7; and Hurray for Huckle!, the preschool property based on the work of author Richard Scarry.

Bloomgarden says: "The DIC portfolio was more skewed to girls on television shows and from a licensing point of view. With the combined Cookie Jar and DIC portfolio plus the new properties—especially Metajets—we can offer a better gender balance."

Of Strawberry Shortcake, Bloomgarden comments: "We'll be selling the Strawberry Shortcake rights that we continue to represent. We're very excited to be going to Mipcom as a much bigger entity and player in the market. We now have one of the biggest libraries in the world."

4Kids Entertaiment Premieres "TMNT: Back to the Sewer"

4Kids Entertainment is taking the iconic teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Mipcom with the new series "TMNT: Back to the Sewer," timed to coincide with the reptiles' 25th anniversary.

Presales include cITV in the United Kingdom, which has acquired the 13x30 series that is anticipated to launch in first quarter 2009. Broadcast deals with Alter (Greece), DRTV (Denmark), MTV3 (Finland), Children's Channel via UCOI (Israel), Indosiar (Indonesia) and RTE (Ireland) also are signed. i2_38.gifi2_t_38.gif

In "TMNT: Back to the Sewer," the Ninja Turtles arrive back in their own time (present-day NYC) but find that Master Splinter didn't make the trip with them. It seems that on the journey back through time he was digitally decompiled into hundreds of tiny "data bits." The turtles must enter cyberspace and collect all of his data bits and make Splinter whole again.

Aardman's "Timmy Time" Springs into Mipcom 2008

Aardman International is taking new preschool stop-motion animated property "Timmy Time" to Cannes. Currently in production, the 52x10 series has been prebought by CBeebies in the United Kingdom for debut in 2009 and has been picked up by Disney Channels worldwide, including the United States.

"Timmy Time" combines Aardman's stop-motion style with classic preschool animation. Aimed at boys and girls, "Timmy Time" is non-dialog and will feature a variety of animal noises, comedy and strong character animation. Aardman's Jackie Cockle is creative producer and supervising director and Miles Bullough is executive producer.

Vivid Imaginations is already on board as master toy partner and will be launching products for autumn 2009. Egmont has picked up U.K. and Commonwealth publishing rights to "Timmy Time," and in a separate deal, Titan Magazines will produce a monthly comic for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Aardman has a strategic relationship with HIT Entertainment in the United States, which has been expanded to include the consumer products rollout of "Timmy Time" in North America in all key categories.

American Greetings Takes Full Slate to Mipcom Junior

American Greetings Properties has a full slate of programming to launch at Mipcom Junior. "Maryoku Yummy" is a new animated preschool series featuring the adventures of a wish-granting fantasy world, currently in production with partner, DQ Entertainment. Twisted Whiskers, the comically contorted pets, currently are being developed into a multi-platform entertainment brand with Mike Young Productions and DQ Entertainment. Holly Hobbie & Friends are experiencing a contemporary evolution at Mipcom Junior and Tinpo, a series of 30-second shorts that encourage children to "think out of the box" to find creative solutions to everyday problems, also will be at the show. i3_164.jpg

American Greetings Properties will be showcasing the first completed high-definition episodes of "Maryoku Yummy" and "Twisted Whiskers," as well as the newest "Holly Hobbie & Friends" special and "Tinpo" shorts. In addition, AGP will be presenting "Yonderhood" and "Packages from Planet X" for co-production opportunities.

BRB Launches Urban Animation Suckers

BRB Internacional's latest HD 3D animation series "The Secret Life of Suckers," co-produced by Screen 21, Genoma Animation and Televisió Catalunya, makes its debut at Mipcom. This non-dialogue situation comedy, comprising 104x2 sketches about life seen through a car window by a group of toys, uses rap and hip-hop rhythms to express emotions and moods. The toys, from Art Toys, have a clear urban graffiti influence.

Chorion Delivers "Olivia" to International Buyers

Chorion is headlining its Mipcom slate with preschool series "Olivia." The 52x11 series is currently in production with delivery scheduled for later this year. It was commissioned by Nick Jr. in the United States and has been picked up by Five's Milkshake! in the United Kingdom. In addition, Chorion has signed international presales with ABC Australia, YLE Finland, SVT Sweden, NRK Norway and RUV Iceland. i4_122.jpg

Based on the books written and illustrated by Ian Falconer, "Olivia" is a 3D CGI series animated by the Academy Award-nominated company Brown Bag Films. Chorion's Diana Manson is executive producing with Pat Resnick, who also is the head writer.

"Martha Speaks" for Decode Enterprises

Decode Enterprises, the distribution subsidiary of DHX Media, is debuting "Martha Speaks" at Mipcom. The animated series is from sister company Studio B Productions and WGBH Boston, producers of "Arthur" and "Curious George."

"Martha Speaks" is aimed at 4- to 8-year-olds and is based on Susan Meddaugh's books, which have sold nearly 1 million copies in the United States and have been widely translated throughout the world.

Airing on PBS in the United States this month, "Martha Speaks" also has sold to a trio of Canadian broadcasters: TVO, Knowledge Network and SCN will air all 40x30 episodes later this year.

The series follows the adventures of Martha, a dog whose appetite for alphabet soup gives her the power of human speech.

Entertainment Rights Takes New Favorites to Cannes

Entertainment Rights is focusing on four of its latest projects in Cannes: "Guess with Jess," "Shelldon," "Barbie Thumbelina" and "Kung Fu Magoo."

"Guess with Jess," 52x10, is set to launch on CBeebies in autumn 2009 and has been developed for 2- to 4-year-olds. Set in the world of Greendale Farm, Jess the Cat and his farmyard friends explore and question the world around them.

"Shelldon," 26x30, which was unveiled in the spring, is a CGI show with positive universal values aimed at family viewing. Shelldon, a small starshell, and his friends from the reef community of Shell Land embark upon a quest to make the world a better and greener place, meeting a host of quirky characters along the way.

"Barbie Thumbelina," 1x75, is the latest addition to the Barbie franchise. Barbie presents the story of Thumbelina in this modern take on the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale, in which a tiny girl proves that just because you are small, doesn't mean you can't make a big difference.

"Kung Fu Magoo," 1x80, follows the adventure of Mr. Magoo and his 12-year-old nephew, Justin, in a mission to save mankind from super villain Tan-Gu. They have to contend with giant robotic spiders, ninjas on jet skis and Tan-Gu's mutant "Beasteens," all competing in the Evil-lympics.

Imira Makes a Case for Detective Sandra

Imira Entertainment is launching "Sandra the Fairytale Detective," a 52x13 flash-animated series produced in HD for 4- to 8-year-olds. It already has a raft of broadcasters on board including TF1; Disney Channels in France, Italy, Germany and Spain; and RTP in Portugal. The show is co-produced with TVE and DQ Entertainment.

"Sandra the Fairytale Detective" is an adventure series combining magic, mystery and humor. Sandra is a 10-year-old girl who turns detective when she travels to the Land of Once Upon a Time, a parallel world where classic fairytale characters live.

Jim Henson Focuses on "Sid the Science Kid"

The Jim Henson Company will be focusing on new show "Sid the Science Kid," as well as "Dinosaur Train" and "Skrumps," at Mipcom. "Sid the Science Kid," 40x30, is a co-production by The Jim Henson Company and KCET/Los Angeles for PBS KIDS and debuts this month. i5_96.jpg

It is a practical in-school science curriculum, using music and humor to celebrate children's natural curiosity about science in everyday life.

The series is created using the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, a proprietary technology that allows performers to puppeteer and voice digitally animated characters in real time.

An online interactive Web site accompanies the show.

MTVNE Mixes it up at Mipcom

MTVNE has a full slate of properties at Mipcom this season covering animation, reality, lifestyle and documentary from across its channels. i6_5.gifi6_t_5.gif

The children's focus is on animations "Ni-Hao Kai Lan" and "Mighty B!" The preschool series "Ni-Hao, Kai Lan," which introduces children to Chinese language and culture through a bilingual 5-year-old, launched on Nick Jr. U.S. in February, and is making top five rankings.

"Mighty B!" follows the adventures of Bessie Higgenbottom, the world's most ambitious and lovably unhinged Honeybee scout, who will not stop until she earns all 9,000 Honeybee Badges in existence and transforms into a super hero. "Mighty B!" is a fast-paced, non-traditional animated comedy series.

In reality makeover series "From Gs to Gents," 14 gangsters face the challenge to transform themselves into gentlemen. The show, starring music artist Shwayze and his best pal Cisco Adler, depicts the long road from the trailer park to the top of the charts.

Other new reality programs to be shown to the international market include a look into the world of hip-hop artist/producer/entrepreneur Luther "Luke" Campbell and "My Big Redneck Wedding," which follows the nuptials of down-home country couples. i7_53.jpg

The documentary "Staying Alive" follows R&B superstar Kelly Rowland as she journeys around East Africa in her new role as the Staying Alive Foundation ambassador.

Tricon Plumps for "The Next Star"

Producer and distributor Tricon Films & Television is debuting its first kids' series, "The Next Star," at Mipcom, offering both the format and distribution. The original 13x60 series of the young superstar-seeking talent show is being produced for Canadian broadcaster Corus Entertainment's YTV.

"The Next Star," which has scope for adaptation, could be a singer, a musical theater performer, a movie actor or even a TV host. Whatever the theme, "The Next Star" seeks the best talent aged 15 and under.

The original YTV series is focused on finding the next music star with the prize of a deal with a music company.

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