]> Show attendees put on their game faces as they check out the latest E3 offerings. Now in its 10th year, E3 2004 kicks off at the Los Angeles Convention Center M

April 6, 2018

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Show attendees put on their game faces as they check out the latest E3 offerings.


Now in its 10th year, E3 2004 kicks off at the Los Angeles Convention Center May 11 to 14, with around 400 exhibiting companies and representatives from 70 countries set to attend. According to published reports, computer and video game sales rose to $7 billion in 2003, with action accounting for the largest percentage of console game sales and strategy leading the computer games market. Movie- and TV-based video games continue to be hot commodities, and several companies are rolling out new interactive technology. Here, License! looks at some E3 offerings.


ALIAS: Step into the role of CIA agent Sydney Bristow; for PS2, Xbox, PC; April 2004.

100 BULLETS: Agent Graves offers his "clients" a consequence-free opportunity to exact revenge on people who have done them wrong; for PS2, Xbox; fall 2004.

THE RED STAR: Sorceress-General Maya Antares searches for her husband, Marcus, in the Red Fleet army; for PS2, Xbox; fall 2004.

JUICED: Brand Sense Marketing, LLC, licensed several new Dodge vehicles for the game, which features real-time modeling with authentic auto aftermarket parts; for PS2, Xbox, PC; fall '04.


SPIDER-MAN 2: Swing, sling, and scale the heights of Manhattan to protect pedestrians in a city full of common criminals and super-villains; for GC, PS2, Xbox; June 2004.

DREAMWORK'S SHARK TALE: Assume the role of Oscar, a fast-talking fish working his way up the food chain; fall 2004.

LEMONY SNICKET'S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS: Based on the upcoming Nickelodeon film and the first three books of the series; for GC, PS2, Xbox, GBA, PC; holiday '04.

X-MEN LEGENDS: The first 3-D action-RPG based on the series; for GC, PS2, Xbox; fall 2004.

VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE-BLOODLINES: RPG that utilizes Valve's Source Technology; for PC; fall 2004.


KIM POSSIBLE 2: DRAKKEN'S DEMISE: Lead Kim Possible into battle in four action-packed episodes; for GBA; July 2004.

TRON 2.0: KILLER APP: Enter the world of a war-ravaged computer system on the verge of collapse from an army of corrupt programs; for Xbox; fall 2004.

LILO & STITCH 2: HAMSTERVIEL'S REVENGE: Lilo and Stitch are back to rescue Nina and David from Hamsterviel's spaceship; for GBA; fall 2004.

LIZZIE McGUIRE 2 (working title): Play as Lizzie in this animated action-adventure game; for GBA; fall 2004.

THAT'S SO RAVE (working title): Master Raven's premonitions to prevent disaster in four side-scrolling adventures; for GBA; fall 2004.


MEGA MAN X COMMAND MISSION: The blue bomber franchise enters the role-playing genre; for GC, PS2; summer 2004.

MONSTER HUNTER: Creatures from all walks of life co-exist with mankind and seek to rule the world; for PS2; fall 2004.

ONIMUSHA 3 DEMON SIEGE: The epic saga's concluding chapter spans four centuries from ancient feudal Japan to modern day France; for PS2; May 2004.

SHADOW OF ROME: Gladiatorial battles rule in the Caesar era; for PS2; winter 2004.

WAY OF THE SAMURAI 2: Features expanded content and enhanced fighting mechanics; for PS2; summer 2004.

KILLER 7: Step into the consciousness of one man with seven personalities; for GC; winter '04.

RESIDENT EVIL 4: Raccoon City Police Department's idealistic rookie cop returns as a U.S. agent with a top-secret mission; for GC; winter 2004.

MEGA MAN BATTLE NETWORK 4: Choose between two versions-Red Sun and Blue Moon-of the tournament-style game; for GBA; summer 2004.

TIM BURTON'S THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS: Licensed from Buena Vista Games, the interactive arm of The Walt Disney Company's Consumer Products division. Players assume the role of Jack Skellington to reclaim the town from Oogie Boogie; for PS2; fall 2004.


HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN: Licensed from WBIE. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger return to Hogwarts and investigate the mystery surrounding Sirius Black's escape from Azkaban; for GC, PS2, Xbox, PC, GBA; May 2004.

CATWOMAN: Licensed from WBIE. Gamers control Halle Berry as Catwoman; for GC, PS2, Xbox, PC, GBA; summer 2004.

BLACK & WHITE 2: Choose between war and peace while ruling Eden as an all-powerful deity; for PC; 2004.

BATTLEFIELD 2: Close-quarters combat set in the midst of a 21st century shoot-out; for PC; '05.

BATTLEFIELD: MODERN COMBAT: 21st century warfare with assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns, tanks, fighter jets, and more; for PS2; fall 2004.

FIFA SOCCER 2005: Create multiplayer tournaments and more with an extended Career mode and new Creation Center. Also features an all-new fluid player kinetic system; for GC, PS2, Xbox, PC, GBA; fall 2004.

EA'S GOLDENEYE GAME (working title): Create an original villain and rise through the ranks of Goldfinger's organization, while forging alliances with and against Bond villains and girls; for GC, PS2, Xbox; holiday 2004.

MADDEN NFL 2005: New defensive tools and Hit Stick control allow for a true stadium experience; for GC, PS2, Xbox, PC, GBA; August 2004.

MEDAL OF HONOR PACIFIC ASSAULT: Step into the boots of Marine Private Tommy Conlin from the first combat missions after Pearl Harbor to the battle at Tarawa Island; for PC; fall 2004.

NASCAR THUNDER 2005: Live the life of a celebrity driver while developing racing skills; for GC, PS2, Xbox; 2005 (PC will ship in fourth quarter under a different title).

NBA LIVE 2005: 5-on-5 hoops simulation that allows players to levitate and create their own moves with Freestyle Air; for GC, PS2, Xbox, PC, GBA; fall 2004.

NCAA FOOTBALL 2005: Track the crowd's impact on players with fan celebrations such as the Gator Chomp or Texas Hook 'Em; for GC, PS2, Xbox; July 2004.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS, THE BATTLE FOR MIDDLE-EARTH: Strategy game based on all three films in The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy; for PC; fall 2004.

ARMIES OF EXIGO: RTS game where war is waged above and below ground; for PC; fall '04.

EA also recently announced a Godfather game deal with Paramount Pictures, a division of Viacom Consumer Products.


SHAFT: SHARP SHOOTER: Licensed from Paramount Pictures. Team up with John Shaft and blast through 18 action-packed scenarios at the firing range; for wireless devices; May '04.


KARAOKE REVOLUTION VOLUME 2: New medley mode, 35 new songs, and all new venues and playable characters; for PS2; June 2004.

DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION EXTREME: Interactive dancing returns with new gameplay, and more songs and game modes; for PS2; fall 2004.

YU-GI-OH! WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT 2004: Card battling game with head-to-head multiplayer game combat; for GBA; spring 2004.

YU-GI-OH! XBOX (working title): Duel against challenging foes and powerful monsters; for Xbox; spring 2004.

YU-GI-OH! POWER OF CHAOS: KAIBA THE REVENGE: Works in conjunction with successor, Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Yugi The Destiny, or as a stand-alone; for PC; spring 2004.


ER: Licensed from WBIE. Join the cast of the hit TV show as a new intern; for PC.


ADVENT RISING: The first in an epic trilogy of action/adventure games, presented in a cinematic format; for Xbox, PC; fall 2004.

BLOODRAYNE 2: Supernatural heroine Rayne battles new bosses in all new environments set within a modern day city; for PS2, Xbox, PC; fall 2004.

CARTOON NETWORK BLOCK PARTY: Up to four players compete "party style" to earn money for a new game room at Cartoon Network; for GBA; summer 2004.

GBA VIDEO: Officially licensed by Nintendo. Games are based on TV shows including SpongeBob SquarePants; The Fairly OddParents; The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius; Dora the Explorer; and All Grown Up! (Nickelodeon), and Sonic X and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (4Kids Entertainment); for GBA; spring 2004.

ULTRA BUST-A-MOVE: Launch randomly colored balls from the bottom of the field and attach them to bubbles of the same color; for Xbox; summer 2004.


BEVERLY HILLS COP: Licensed from Paramount Pictures. Axel Foley is back in Beverly Hills on another case; for wireless devices; June '04.


HALO 2: The saga continues as Master Chief, a genetically enhanced supersoldier, is the only thing standing between the Covenant and the destruction of humankind. This fall JoyRide Studios will release a line of 1/12th scale action figures, and Del Rey will publish a book on "The Art of Halo."

FABLE: Role-playing adventure game that allows players to create a character's life story from childhood to death. Prima is on board to publish a strategy guide.

JADE EMPIRE: Set in ancient China, players train under their master's watchful eye, learning martial arts and mystical powers.

UNREAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2: THE LIANDRI CONFLICT: Single and multiplayer gameplay including super-agile player acrobatics and a third-person camera mode; for Xbox, Xbox Live.

DUNGEON SIEGE II: Players return to the world of Ehb to save mankind from a mysterious horror. Sybex will release a PC game guide.


GAMESTER: Phoenix video game controller. Online duelists now have a new weapon in their arsenal with the Phoenix pad; for Xbox Live; April 2004.

PLAY TV LINE-UP (PLUG N' PLAY): EA Madden Football, EA SSX Snowboarder, and Monster Truck; May 2004.

ARCADE LEGENDS LINE-UP (PLUG N' PLAY): Sega Genesis, Space Invaders, and Tetris; fall '04.


THE WARRIORS: Licensed from Paramount Pictures; for PS2.


ASTRO BOY: Interpretation of the new Astro Boy animated series; for PS2; August 2004. Also, an action-platformer based on the Sony television series; for GBA; August 2004.

ALTERED BEAST: Action-packed update of the classic arcade game, featuring an endless onslaught of enemies and gigantic level bosses; for PS2; fall 2004.

BLOOD WILL TELL: Samurai Hyakkimaru is haunted by a shocking secret and on a quest to uncover his past; for PS2; fall 2004.

HEADHUNTER: REDEMPTION: Jack Wade returns in the action-adventure follow-up to Headhunter; for PS2, Xbox; fall 2004.

PUYO POP FEVER: The wiggly jelly craze returns to consoles; for GC, Xbox; June 2004.

VIRTUA QUEST: Action-adventure game featuring Virtua Fighter's Cyber Generation; for GC, PS2; fall 2004.


KOF: MAXIMUM IMPACT: Popular KOF characters rendered in 3-D; for PS2; September '04.

METAL SLUG 3: The fourth installment in the shooter-style saga; for Xbox; May 2004.

SVC CHAOS: SNK VS. CAPCOM: A clash of 36 fighters from SNK and Capcom franchises; for Xbox; November 2004.


MLB 2005: Control every aspect of running a baseball franchise with 13 gameplay options; for PS, PS2; spring 2004.

KILLZONE: Developed in conjunction with Guerrilla Games. Squad-based, first-person shooter set in the near future during a period of planetary colonization; for PS2; fourth quarter 2004.

GRAN TURISMO 4: The racing game's new features focus on more cars, courses, race modes, and online gameplay; for PS2; fall 2004.

G_D OF WAR: An action-packed Greek mythology adventure; for PS2; first quarter 2005.

ATHENS 2004: The official video game of the Olympic Games; for PS2; June/July 2004.


FINAL FANTASY XII: The latest installment in the series; for PS2; 2005.

FRONT MISSION 4: Sequel to the mech-based strategy game; for PS2; June 2004.

STAR OCEAN: TILL THE END OF TIME: Epic science-fiction RPG; for PS2; August 2004.

FULL METAL ALCHEMIST: New action-adventure role-playing game; for PS2.

KINGDOM HEARTS II: Licensed from Buena Vista Games. Sequel to the fantasy RPG; for PS2; 2005.

KINGDOM HEARTS-CHAIN OF MEMORIES: Licensed from Buena Vista Games. Connects the original storyline with the sequel; for GBA; fall 2004.

FINAL FANTASY XI: CHAINS OF PROMATHIA: An expansion of the multiplayer online role-playing game; for GBA; fall 2004.


THE POLAR EXPRESS: Licensed from WBIE. Video game based on the upcoming animated movie adaptation (Warner Bros.) of the children's book; for GC, PS2, GBA.


DUKES OF HAZZARD: RETURN OF THE GENERAL LEE: Licensed from WBIE. Players step into the shoes of Bo and Luke Duke as they race for prize money to save a local orphanage; for PS2, Xbox.


MEAN GIRLS: WANNABEE: Licensed from Paramount Pictures. Heroine Cady runs around school recruiting friends to her gang; for wireless devices; April 2004.

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