2012 Licensing University Conference Schedule

Sunday, June 10State of Retail Presentation and Store Safari12:30–5:30 p.m. Speaker: Carol Spieckerman, newmarketbuilders Deluged with data, frenzied by new formats

April 6, 2018

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Sunday, June 10

State of Retail Presentation and Store Safari12:30–5:30 p.m. Speaker: Carol Spieckerman, newmarketbuilders

Deluged with data, frenzied by new formats and pressured by price hikes, 2011 was a roller coaster ride for retailers, yet those left standing are on the offensive and determined to evolve into multi-touchpoint brand platforms. What are the implications for brand marketers as retailers become more than just distribution points? In her third annual State of Retail presentation, retail expert and president of newmarketbuilders, Carol Spieckerman, will detail tools and tactics for brand marketers seeking to retool for these and other retail realities. She'll share newmarketbuilders' transformational trajectories for 2012 and beyond, and break down what it all means to brand stakeholders pursuing direct-to-retail or traditional licensing opportunities. Come for the presentation only or stay on for the retail safari where Spieckerman will serve as a tour guide around a carefully selected group of major retailers that are defining the future of retail in multiple categories. Throughout the day, she will facilitate dialog and answer retail and branding questions. i1_960.jpg

Monday, June 11

Licensing for Beginners: The Building Blocks Licensing Success10 a.m.–1 p.m. Moderator: Adina Avery-Grossman, Brandgenuity Panelists: Teri Niadna, National Football League; Derrick Baca, Hybrid Apparel; Liz Kalodner, CBS Consumer Products; and Lloyd Mintz, Nine Oaks Group

This session will cover the building blocks you need to ready your brand for licensing, find the right partners, structure the right agreements, produce seamless brand extensions and understand retail opportunities. If you are seeking a brand, this class will give you the tools to find the right properties to license, negotiate smart agreements, gain retail distribution and work in partnership with brand owners.

Tips on Maximizing Your Participation at Licensing Expo1:30–2:30 p.m. Presenter: Jerome L. Houle III, consultant/professor in brand licensing and product development

This seminar will help you to most effectively approach the show and find viable candidates for your proposals. It is designed for first-time attendees to the Licensing Expo–whether you are a creator, manufacturer, marketer, licensor, licensee or supplier. It will help you to focus on the benefits of your proposal, how to research who will be the most viable candidates and how to follow-up.

Complying with Licensors' Social and Environmental Requirements3–4:30 p.m. Moderator: Laura Commike Gitman, BSR

Social and environmental compliance is becoming a more important priority for the licensing industry. In 2011, the Licensing Working Group created a guide full of good practices and practical tips on how licensees can take steps to comply with licensors' social and environmental requirements. This session will provide an introduction to the guide and will include direct perspectives from both licensors and licensees. It will also include an interactive discussion of key challenges and steps licensees can take to comply with licensor requirements and to improve working conditions in its manufacturing operations and supply chain. i2_550.jpgi2_t_187.jpg

Licensing Law for Beginners3–4:30 p.m. Moderator: Charles M. Grimes, Grimes & Battersby

Licensing novices will receive an explanation of all of the various legal issues they need to be aware of in order to achieve success in licensing. Topics to be covered include: securing intellectual property protection, negotiating and implementing license agreements, enforcing intellectual property rights and resolving disputes in connection with license agreements.

Tuesday, June 12

Basics of International Licensing10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. Moderator: Angela Farrugia, TLC and Iconix Europe Speakers: Vu Myers, Jelly Belly Candy Company; Lou Ellman, RoyaltyZone; and Paul Flett, Skechers USA

A detailed look at the basics of licensing that should be at the heart of any international strategy. This session will take brand owners through the seven steps that need to be considered and addressed including trade mark registrations, legal contracts, translation issues, strategy, awareness, creative assets and whether you need an agent.

Anatomy of a Licensing Agreement10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. Speaker: Greg Battersby, Grimes & Battersby

A clause-by-clause discussion of a typical merchandising license agreement with an explanation for the purpose of each clause and suggested negotiation points for both licensors and licensees.

The Why, What and How of Licensing Style Guides10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. Moderator: D. Thomas Froberg, Frederick & Froberg Design Offices Speakers: Brad Horn, The Brand Factory, and Steve Scebelo, Creative Properties

This presentation will address some of the primary questions and processes in the development of style guides: Why are they needed? This will cover the primary benefits, how they create brand value and reasons to invest in style guides. What should be included? This discusses the primary or common elements that make up style guides and how to determine the right content for a style guide. How to make them unique? What are some of the processes and additional deliverables that help brands compete and function better in the current and future licensing world.

New Age of Brand Licensing12:30–2 p.m. Moderator: Corrine A. Sukkiennik, C-Synergies LLC Panelists: Carlos Coroalles, Jarden Consumer Products; Tammy Talerico-Payne, Church & Dwight Co.; and Vera Tsekeris, Motorola Mobility

Why is it the "new age of brand licensing?" In today's economy, brand licensing continues to grow brands through expansion into new product categories and emerging markets. However, today, companies are challenged to explore new brand licensing business models to further strengthen brand equity and generate revenue. These business strategies involve alternate sourcing and distribution models, including direct-to-retailer, retailer-to-retailer and unique co-branding approaches.

How to Work with Licensing Agents and Consultants12:30–2 p.m. Moderator: Mike Slusar, Brandar Consulting LLC Speakers: C. Woodrow "Woody" Brown, Building Q; John Haesler, MHS Licensing; Louis Drogin, Brandgenuity; and Bob Traub, Established Brand Licensing

Licensing agents and consultants can play a central role in the development of an effective licensing program. This seminar will aid participants in defining respective roles, key into the pertinent questions they should be asking if considering an agent or consultant and learn how the best relationships work.

Maximizing Social Media in Toy and Entertainment Licensing12:30–2 p.m. Speakers: Suzanne Mills-Winkler, Dynamic Designworks and Victoria Cushey, Dynamic Designworks

Have you ever wanted to know why some toy brands are extremely successful on Facebook? This session will highlight the benefits of entertainment partnerships online and offline and show what works and doesn't work when approaching social media. This session will also discuss the importance of engagement planning and specifically the market research you will need to do before you succeed. Throughout this workshop, attendees will be provided social media guidelines, have questions answered about fan pages, provide expertise and critique of current social media programs in order to show attendees how to boost performance and grow a large, profitable community.

Top 10 Checklist for Art Licensing2:30–4 p.m. Moderator: Linda Mariano, LM2 Marketing and Licensing Speakers: Rick F. Barnett, Artexpo Studio, and Kimberly Montgomery, Montage Licensing

To license or not to license–is that your question? Whether you are an artist, an agent, a manufacturer or a retailer, what's the potential impact of art licensing on your business as a whole? How do you decide if licensing is right for you? What and where to begin–or continue in today's fast paced licensing world? How do you market your brand for licensing–and is that different than marketing for consumers? And how about all that legal "stuff"–how do you protect your intellectual property while you maximize exposure? This session will focus on answering the most asked questions about art licensing–get answers for your key questions about planning, collaborating, marketing, promoting, creating and understanding the exciting world of art licensing.

Licensing in Latin America2:30–4 p.m. Panelists: Patricia Serracin Rickard, LL.M, Remington Arms; Elias E. Hoffman, Exim Licensing Group; and David Diesendruck, Redibra

The presentation will include opportunities and challenges related to developing licensing programs in Latin America. Attendees will learn about the market in general and the session will examine case studies on how companies have introduced licensed products in various Latin American countries.

Understanding and Navigating Royalty Rate Trends2:30– 4:30 p.m. Panelists: Nell Roney, The Beanstalk Group; C. Woodrow "Woody" Brown, Building Q; Maureen Duffy, Duffy +duffy; and Nina Leong, Saban Brands

Royalty rates are a major component of the financial requirements of any licensing agreement and vary across licensing segments, product categories, and types of licensing models. How much royalty should you pay for a property? The correct answer is: "it depends." The panel will discuss what royalty rates are, how they are calculated, who determines the rate, how they relate to and impact the bottom line for licensees and licensors, how retailers factor into determining the rate and recent trends. Through benchmarking and examples, the panel will help you better understand how to consider and calculate the appropriate royalty rates for your business.

Taking a Property from Digital to Retail4:15–5:45 p.m.Moderator: Martin Brochstein, LIMAPanelists: Ciaran Coyle, The Beanstalk Group; Darran Garnham, Mind Candy; Marc Mostman, Most Management; and Mattias Miksche, Stardoll Media

Angry Birds, Moshi Monsters and Talking Friends... join this session to gain insights into the specific challenges involved in taking a brand from the digital domain to retail.

What Makes a Merchandisable Property?4:15–5:45 p.m. Moderator: JJ Ahearn, Licensing Street

This session will get you ready to move your kid's property successfully into the world of licensing. Join in and you'll learn about the five key elements that make a merchandisable property, benefit from step-by-step guidance on how to launch a consumer products program and come away with an understanding of how to build a retail success story.

Growing Through Demographics: Case Studies Targeting Baby Boomer and Hispanic Consumers4:15–5:45 p.m. Moderator: Stephen Reily, IMC Licensing Speaker: Nancy Overfield-Delmar, Latin World Entertainment Licensing

Demographics may be the most important force in driving consumer trends, yet they have been little recognized by the licensing industry. This presentation will deliver actionable data on some of the most important demographic trends in the U.S. and how fast-growth populations including Baby Boomers, Hispanics and women are creating opportunities for the licensing industry.

Wednesday, June 13

Entertainment Licensing: Looking at the Landscape and its Future8:30–10 a.m. Moderator: Michael Polis, Wildbrain Entertainment, DHX Media Speakers: Elie Dekel, Saban Brands; Cindy Levitt, Hot Topic; and Dell Furano, Live Nation Merchandise

How to Tame the Russian Dragon8:30–10 a.m. Speaker: Paul Tush, Plus Licens Russia

This session is aimed at those interested in expansion and business towards the growing CIS market. Russia and the CIS offer opportunities–if you get it right! Plus Licens shares its experiences in Russia and Ukraine, offering do's and don'ts when dealing with Russian and Ukrainian licensees, how to achieve success and how to manage in the post-soviet business culture. It will also give insight into the CIS retail and consumer markets and the social media scene.

Trends: How to Use Them to Compete in Art Licensing8:30–10 a.m. Moderator: Suzanne Cruise, Suzanne Cruise Creative Services, Inc. Speakers: Joan Beiriger, Artist, and Gail Flores, Artist

An in-depth discussion of the importance of finding and using trends when creating art and storyboards of products for categories such as home decor, paper, gift, stationery and more. Topics include a discussion of what trends really are, the difference between a trend and a fad, when does a trend become an "evergreen" and how to find and identify trends and how useful trends are in product presentations. A trend resource list will be included in the materials handed out.

Case Studies in Brand Licensing: Practices of Great Brand Licensors10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. Moderator: Hal Worsham, LMCA Panelists: Paul Flett, Skechers USA; James Jacovides, Time; Marc Jeffrey Mikulich, Wiley; and Lia Buffa, Food Network

A review, description and logic presentation of the various licensee support elements that differentiate poor licensors and great licensors, using case studies from a variety of companies.

Advanced Licensing Strategies10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. Moderator: Stu Seltzer, Seltzer Licensing Group Panelists: Steven Cohen, CSS Industries, and Cheryl Rubin, Powerhouse Branding

Building upon the Beginner Licensing basics class, this seminar will explore some of the different strategies utilized by licensors, licensees and retailers to grow their businesses. It will explore some of the current trends and discuss why some of the old licensing strategies are not very effective today. It will explore the new retail landscape and new methods to maximize your licensing programs. It will also look at best practices from some of the leading companies in the licensing industry. The expert panel will discuss their own strategic approach to licensing and share many ideas that are sure to make your licensing endeavors more lucrative.

Licensing in Asia10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. Moderator: Roger Berman, Zenworks Panelists: George Williams, LMCA Asia; Neal Rudge, Pacific Licensing Studio; and Sid Shah, The Wild East Group

The Asian licensing terrain includes some of the most significant licensing growth opportunities, as well as some of the most complex licensing markets anywhere in the world. This panel of experts and current players will give you a closer look and insights about the many facets of the licensing business in Asia.

The Licensee Guide to Winning with Licensors12:30–2 p.m. Moderator: Stephan Stanley, JAKKS Pacific Panelists: James M. Kipling, Esq. and Randi Kagan Spieker, JEM Sportswear and Awake Inc.

This expert panel of manufacturers, licensors, and retail experts will examine best practices for the top three most important aspects of what it takes to be most successful with licensors today: (1) getting in the door and making a winning pitch; (2) negotiating the best deal; and (3) synergizing with the licensor retail sales teams to maximize your product sales and promotions at retail. Potential pitfalls as well as examples of real-life successes in dealing most efficiently and most profitably with studios, publishers, agents and other IP owners will be discussed with the audience.

5 Things to Know When Presenting to Retail12:30–2 p.m. Speakers: Leigh Ann Schwarzkopf, Project Partners Inc.; Lynn Scott, Project Partners; and Kelli Sogar, The Coca Cola Company

The competition for retail placement is brutal. This session will show you how to know your consumer, find insights on your competitive set and discover the strategies you need to create an effective retail presentation. It will help you provide the answer to the retailer's key question: "Why should I get behind this product or program?"

Trends in Interactive12:30–2 p.m. Moderator: Careen Yapp, Konami Digital Entertainment Speakers: Mark Caplan, Sony Pictures Entertainment; Bill Kispert, Universal Pictures Partnerships & Licensing; Lee Rawles, Electronic Arts; and Nicholas Dale, FremantleMedia Enterprises

Opportunities to license character and brand IP to the interactive industry have expanded significantly in recent years. Emerging digital platforms offer the licensors and licensees a range of new ways to deliver licensed interactive content directly to the consumer. Come meet a variety of professionals from leading game publishers, film studios, television networks and agencies making this new era of licensed interactive entertainment a success. Specific focus will be placed on the social gaming market.

Getting Your Fair Share: How to Prevent Royalty Underpayments2:30–4 p.m. Moderator: Joshua Kaufman, Venable Speakers: Stuart Burns, HW Fisher & Co; Judy Ann Byrd, Invotex Group; and Anthony Curtis Elliott, CPA

Every year billions of dollars are paid and received in royalty payments. It does not matter the field you are in, royalties are paid for software, patents, trademarks, copyrights, publicity rights, art, sports, pharmaceuticals, technology transfers, music, films...and the list goes on. The panelists will discuss how you can prevent underpayments and recoup what is owed to you.

Fundamentals of Direct-to-Retail2:30–4 p.m. Moderator: Rachel Terrace, The Beanstalk Group Speakers: Nicole Desir, The Beanstalk Group; Ron Feinbaum, Scripps Network; and Sean Bunner, HSN

Explore the emerging importance of the exclusive relationship between brands and retailers. In today's constantly evolving retail landscape, direct-to-retail programs are being leveraged to generate excitement and strengthen the bond with consumers. This seminar will review the benefits of this model to both the all parties and how the DTR strategy is impacting the licensing industry. Learn best practices from a panel of licensing experts who have launched many of today's successful DTR programs. Gain insight on how to pitch a DTR program to a retailer, the unique dynamics of the DTR relationship and how to cultivate an active partnership that ensures long-term success. Brand, celebrity and entertainment programs will be discussed.

Identifying and Evaluating Licensed Properties for Your Brand or Company2:30–4 p.m. Moderator: Alan I. Fine, KaleidOScope Speakers: Moss J. Kardener, OnStrategy Consultants; Andre Lake Mayer, Bandai America; Peter Van Raalte, Infinity Licensing; and Joshua Romm, IMG Licensing

Identifying and evaluating licenses to help grow your brands and business is no easy task. Beyond the gut feel and the great presentations from licensors and agents, understanding the strength of a licensed property with the consumer and the trade is as much an art as a science. What properties are strong? Where are they in their life cycle? How do they translate to different products and markets? How will licensors support the property when you launch your new products? Learn how the process works and what experienced licensees and licensors have done to maximize potential opportunities and limit their risk.

Brand Strategies for Tough Economic Times4:30–6 p.m. Moderator: Michelle Alfandari, MODA Licensing, Inc. Speakers: Kim Gaebelein, Bil-Jac; Larry Skaggs, Trimfoot Co.; and Jonathan White, White Coffee Corp.

In spite of the economic environment, retail consolidation, private label proliferation and shifting consumer shopping habits, some licensed brands have had successful brand launches while others grew their business with innovative brand/licensing strategies. Panelists comprise a select group of leaders in food and beverage, footwear and apparel. They will share how they successfully launched a new branded product or gained market share from an existing brand in the last two years. In addition, one panelist is a trend expert who will provide insights on how brands can meet the challenges of a volatile marketplace.

Case Studies in Sports Licensing4:30–6 p.m. Speakers: Rick Van Brimmer, The Ohio State University; Tom Howgate, Fluid Sports; and Victoria Picca, National Basketball Association

Perhaps as much as any sector in the licensing business, sports depends on the licensors' and licensee's ability to harness and leverage the emotion engendered by loyalty and affinity to a team, a sport or a lifestyle. The panel will take a look at some trends in the business, as well as examples of how it's being done well in a fast-moving marketplace.

Mad Men: Exploring the Grey Area Between Licensing and Promotions4:30–6 p.m. Moderator: Ramez Toubassy, Brand Sense Partners

The television show "Mad Men" has changed the way television and the licensing world come together. This presentation would explore this concept more in depth with specifics details on the strategic partnerships created.

Thursday, June 14

Negotiating Isn't a Contact Sport: Input on Negotiating a Licensing Agreement9–10:30 a.m. Instructors: Danny Simon, The Licensing Group, and Allan Feldman, Leveraged Marketing Corporation of America

A seminar conducted for the purpose of providing suggested methods on how to negotiate a "reasonable" licensing agreement and offering a look at negotiations from both sides of the table.

Integrating New Products with Licensed Properties9–10:30 a.m. Presenters: Todd Donaldson, IMC Licensing, and Emily Wickerham, IMC Licensing

Licensing agencies and consultants can play a central role in the development of new products. For many years we have noted that the benefits of this work is not about licensing itself but about the category, the manufacturing partner, the retailer and the consumers who find the product on the retailer's shelf. This presentation will help brand professionals determine how best to leverage consumer research and other insights to determine how to best launch new products through collaboration with external strategic partners.

Understand the Boys' Market11 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Moderator: Eddie Jabbour, KICK Design Inc.

How to capture the attention of boys and their older but somewhat similar counterparts–dads! Eddie Jabbour of KICK Design was the Creative Director of Ridemakerz for 5-plus years where he led the creation and brought to life the formula for reaching boys and their dads with this experiential car customizing toy brand. By tapping into the psychographics of boys and their play patterns, Jabbour and team created and executed on a vision to develop a brand that sparked the imagination and rugged play of boys, that dads also think is cool and has real collector "cred." Jabbour and members of the creative and marketing teams will populate this roundtable to discuss the road to creating products that boys and dads are passionate about as well as creating experiences that make them want to buy.

Celebrity Licensing11 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Moderator: Jonathan Faber, Luminary Group LLC

The rights pertaining to individuals (Right of Publicity) are critical for licensing and advertising professionals to understand, yet much confusion exists, creating hazardous pitfalls and expensive mistakes. Litigation over unauthorized uses makes regular headlines and celebrities (or their representatives) are more organized than ever in developing and protecting their licensable assets. The session will also touch upon valuation of unauthorized uses.

Why Should I Convert a Brand into a Social Game?11 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Speaker: Arwed-Ralf Grenzbach, Conflutainment GmbH

In the past years licensing character brands and brand IPs to the interactive industry has expanded significantly. However, the old economy on consoles is fading out these days. Mobile and casual gaming on Android and iOS platforms, smartphones and tablets are setting a new path into a near future. The presentation is all about why and how to license a brand to world leading developers and publishers in a changing social gaming market. Free-2-Play Brower business models, monetarization models for smartphones and tablets is the major topic of this workshop. The presentation and Q&A will include case studies from world-leading developers from Europe, China, Korea and Northern America. Come meet a variety of industry professionals who will give examples on the challenges and opportunities of the character and brand based mobile and social gaming and gamification.

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