License Global Live Webinar: Everything You Need to Know About Web 3.0

License Global hosts a panel of experts on Jul. 21 to explore some of the agenda's key discussion topics. 
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July 15, 2022

Promotional image for the webinar.
Promotional image for the webinar.License Global

The world of Web 3.0 (or Web3) is starting to evolve before our very eyes. For most, daily conversations in the brand space will include mention of the metaverse, blockchain or decentralized communities, which is just a tiny part of the broader Web3 conversion happening technologically, economically and culturally.  

What Brands Need to Know about Web3  

According to scientist

Gavin Wood

, who coined the term Web3, it is a "democratic age" for the web, without centralized structures or the handful of companies that dominate many user interfaces.  

Built on blockchain technology – a decentralized algorithm and ledger that automatically verifies user action and logs in without the overview of a gatekeeper or controlling brand – Web3 will play a more significant role in the regulation of decentralized currencies, like bitcoin or Ethereum, and offer creators a chance to build their brands, communities, universes and platforms.  

Web3 is a new phase of digital communication, commerce, and lifestyle.   

What we experience visually will

remain the same. Still, the internal decentralized structure of Web 3 will create an entirely new way for people to interact via the blockchain and remove the usual go-between of platforms.  

While it presents an exciting challenge to tech giants, it comes with myriad new ways for users to build communities, engage in new experiences and drive business; this is where terms like 'the metaverse' and 'non-fungible tokens' come into play.  

"Everything You Need to Know About Web 3.0"

explores the evolution of digital brand engagement and provides answers to vital questions: 

  • 101: A Guide to NFTs, The Metaverse, IoT, AR and VR

    • How will Web 3.0 impact the brand landscape, and is it here to stay?

      • What are the challenges and opportunities behind these concepts?

        • What new licensing categories will emerge, and how do I get ahead of the curve?


          • Lex Scott, commercial director,



            • Marco van Haaften, global licensing director,


              • Dave Tovey, associate vice president, brand management,


                and head of digital media representation,


                • Emma Mansfield, partnerships, Decentraland

                  Moderator: Ben Roberts, senior content strategist, License Global 

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