Wiley Plans 'Millionaire's Club' Book

Squared Entertainment has teamed up with publisher John Wiley & Sons for a kid’s financial literacy book, inspired by American businessman Warren Buffett’s animated series, “Secret Millionaire’s Club.”

The book will be inspired by Buffett’s lessons in the TV show, designed to help people of all ages understand financial and business matters and learn valuable life lessons in a fun and entertaining way.

“Books about Warren Buffett are among our most popular titles,” says Joan O’Neil, vice president and group executive publisher, Wiley. “We’re especially excited about this new opportunity to publish a book that will guide people through financial and other significant life decisions by following Mr. Buffett’s philosophy.”

“Secret Millionaire’s Club” was created by A Squared Entertainment in partnership with Buffett to teach kids about business and how the world around them works. The series airs on The Hub and has also inspired in-school curriculum and national competitions.

“Mr. Buffett has been the perfect teacher and Wiley is the perfect publishing partner to bring the lessons of ‘Secret Millionaire’s Club’ to life in books and online applications that will help kids learn the basic tools they need to be successful,” says Andy Heyward, chief executive officer, A Squared.