WBCP Sponsors

Speedy Gonzales is sponsoring a team of professional skateboarders for a six-week journey across America. Joining him on his Ándale Posse Tour will be top pros Danny Gonzalez and Patrick Melcher, with special guest appearances by skateboarder Steve Caballero. The tour will be anchored around weekend stops at skate parks in 12 cities, where the Ándale Posse will participate in exhibitions for the local skating community. At each stop, they will be joined by other local pros, and will take part in skating demos, games, giveaways, and autograph signings. In between tour stops, the Posse will drive coast to coast in a Speedy-customized cruiser and tow vehicle. The tour will include a limited-edition line of Speedy skateboards, T-shirts, and hats, which will be available at tour stops and select retailers.