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Intellivision Gains New Licensing Partners

Multiple partners have signed on for the launch of Intellivision’s Amico.

Intellivision Entertainment has announced a slate of licensing agreements, which focus on sports-themed brands, including Major League Baseball, Evel Knievel and the American Cornhole League.

These partnerships bring additional brands to Intellivision Amico through a series of officially licensed games.

“My early memories of playing the original Intellivision Major League Baseball game with my dad and brother helped inspire our vision to launch Amico,” says Tommy Tallarico, chief executive officer and president, Intellivision. “Looking to the future, Intellivision is proud to offer a wide breadth of content for everyone in the family to enjoy from favorite sports and recreational games to thrilling, daredevil action. We continue to diversify our portfolio and gameplay experiences for Amico.”

The licensing deal between MLB and Intellivision comes 41 years after the two groups launched their first partnership. That collaboration represented the first video game license with a professional sports league. Intellivision’s new MLB licensed game will introduce a competitive play option that allow multiple players to join in the fun and set up head-to-head competition. All 30 current MLB teams will be featured in the game.

Paying homage to the Knievel legacy, Intellivision is also working with the Evel Knievel family and Barnstorm Games to bring a multiplayer game to the Amico platform. The updated version of the Evel Knievel game will feature enhanced graphics, sound and art, and a variety of multiplayer options.

"My dad was a larger than life character who was a hero and inspiration to millions of people,”’ reports Kelly Knievel, son of Evel Knievel. “We are excited to work with Intellivision to keep his legacy alive, introduce his bold spirit to a new generation of fans and take the thrill of the jump from the arena to the living room on Amico.”

The American Cornhole League, which has been broadcasted on ESPN since 2016, is bringing America’s fastest-growing recreational sport into the living room as well. With the intention of providing a game for everyone in the family, users can utilize the Amico controller with touchscreen and motion controls. Gameplay is available in career, arcade, multiplayer or free play mode and features more than 100 unlockables, multiple challenges, skill levels and ways to play.

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