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Intellivision Entertainment Reveals Licensed Amico System Games

Mattel, Sesame Workshop and The Op have signed on to create Amico system games.

Intellivision Entertainment has announced new licensing and global retail partnerships for its Amico system.

Tommy Tallarico, chief executive officer, Intellivision, revealed an extensive list of new Amico games during a virtual press event. The event also provided a variety of business updates, including licensing partnerships with Mattel, Sesame Workshop and The Op.

Intellivision’s partnership with Mattel will bring to life a racing game based on the Hot Wheels franchise. Teaming up with Sesame Workshop, kids and families will be able to play a suite of educational “Sesame Street” games. The Op partnership brings the first-ever interactive versions of “Telestrations and “Blank Slate.”

“The magic of Intellivision Amico is that it will bring families and friends together around gaming – something that the world could always use more of – and these new games and partnerships will be a critical part of that,” says Tallarico.

The company also announced its growing network of global retail and online partners including GameStop, Amazon, and In addition, the company announced that Amico’s target launch date will shift from Oct. 10 to Apr. 15.

“Despite unprecedented challenges, the accomplishments and progress made by our internal team, plus our incredible network of developers and partners, is nothing short of amazing,” says Tallarico. “Our primary focus is delivering a quality product, and we remain steadfast in our mission to bring family fun back to gaming with Intellivision Amico’s launch.”

These announcements come on the heels of recently announced licensing deals with brands such as Major League Baseball, Evel Knievel and The American Cornhole League.

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