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iiRcade Brings Classic SEGA Titles to Home Arcade Machines

Classic SEGA arcade titles such as “Alien Storm” and “Bonanza Bros.” are coming to the iiRcade at-home gaming system.

iiRcade has announced a partnership to bring classic SEGA titles to its at-home arcade machines.

The team-up will see seven old school arcade titles come to the gaming platform currently available for preorder on Kickstarter. SEGA games leaping into consumers’ homes include:

  • “Shadow Dancer”;
  • “Space Harrier”;
  • “Cyber Police ESWAT”;
  • “Congo Bongo”;
  • “Alien Storm”;
  • “Crack Down”; and
  • “Bonanza Bros.”

New titles join the pre-existing collection of licensed titles available on iiRcade's platform. The company has inked deals to bring more than 200 classic licensed titles to the system in time for launch.

"It's a great honor to partner with such an iconic video game brand in SEGA," says Jong Shin, founder and chief executive officer, iiRcade. "These classic titles from SEGA will bring back a lot of memories of gaming in the eighties and early nineties."

iiRcade previously announced that the platform would launch with 10 pre-loaded games available for free. Titles that come with the system include beloved games such as "Dragon's Lair" and "Double Dragon."

iiRcade is available on Kickstarter for the early bird price of $299 until Aug. 7.

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