EA Opens ‘Speed’ E-Store

Electronic Arts has launched the flagship online store for its Need for Speed franchise with the help of licensee Joystick Junkies.

In addition to designing and manufacturing a range of customizable licensed products for the site including t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, jackets and accessories, Joystick Junkies also designed the e-commerce site itself.

The newest iteration of the franchise, which is one of the most successful racing games of all time, “Need for Speed Rivals,” hit shelves in North America Nov. 15. A feature film adaptation of the game is planned for 2014.

“Joystick Junkies has been at the forefront of the trend that has seen gaming brands move from the margins to the mainstream,” says Rick Lowe, managing director, Joystick Junkies. “Ten years ago we recognized the vast potential of retro gaming brands. A decade on and video games are no longer the preserve of hardcore fans but a bone fide form of mass-market entertainment. The partnership with the Need for Speed franchise is just one element of a multi-faceted strategy as we move into a period of aggressive expansion.”