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‘Computer, End Program’: Sandbox VR Announces ‘Star Trek’ Holodeck Experience

‘Computer, End Program’: Sandbox VR Announces ‘Star Trek’ Holodeck Experience

Sandbox VR and CBS Interactive have collaborated to turn “Star Trek’s” Holodeck into a reality.

Sandbox VR has partnered with CBS Interactive to develop a virtual reality experience inspired by the Holodeck from "Star Trek."

The “Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission” VR is based on the franchise's latest television series “Star Trek: Discovery.” It leverages full-body motion capture technology and VR headsets to bring the world of “Trek” to life.

According to Variety, Sandbox VR worked with series writers to develop the experience's story which tasks players with investigating an ice moon from “Star Trek Discovery." Players in the simulation will use a tricorder, fire a phaser rifle, and experience wrap speed during their mission.

"As a lifelong ‘Star Trek’ fan it's been an incredible privilege partnering with CBS to bring fans the most authentic ‘Star Trek’s’ experience possible," says Michael Hampden, creative director and head of experiences, Sandbox VR. "Every detail has been handcrafted in such a way that when you first step on to a transporter pad with your own two feet, you'll feel more immersed in the world of 'Star Trek' than ever before."

The VR experience will roll out in the San Francisco Bay Area, Calif. and Hong Kong, China later this fall. International expansion is also planned for 2020.

CBS's "Star Trek" franchise has seen a variety of licensing deals in recent months. The series spinoff, "Picard," was recently leveraged for a collection of wines inspired by a vineyard from the show.

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