Air Force Parachutes onto PlayStation

New branded VR experience lets gamers experience life as an Airman.

NORTH AMERICA- The U.S. Air Force has joined forces with PlayStaion and its 17-year creative partner GDS&M to launch a virtual reality experience that puts gamers in the environment of Special Ops Airmen.

“Air Force Special Ops: Nightfall” marks the first time that PlayStation has created a VR experience with a brand.

Designed as an extension of the Air Force’s "We Need People Who Can Do This" campaign, players will get to enter “Jump School,” experience the exhilaration of a H.A.L.O. (High Altitude Low Opening) free fall and master skills such as parachute control and night landing.

Once their training is complete, gamers are put to the ultimate test in a fully simulated mission, reinforcing the experience required to excel in Special Operations.

The immersive nature of “Air Force Special Ops: Nightfall” is designed to give players a tangible understanding of the daily life of a Special Ops Airman and inspire them to consider the potential career path.

“Air Force Special Ops: Nightfall” is free for all PlayStation users to download now.

"Gamers are innate problem-solvers in high-pressure situations, making them the target audience for the most technologically advanced brand in the world, the U.S. Air Force," says Jay Russell, Chief Creative Officer, GSD&M. "To capture this audience and raise awareness of Special Operations as a career path, we had to meet them on their turf and give them an experience worth playing–one that requires a unique skillset, and is as immersive as it is challenging and intelligent."