Trunk Archive Teams for Photo Prints

Trunk Archive has partnered with King & McGaw to offer a collection of exclusive art reproduction prints at the British department store John Lewis.

The Trunk Archive Collection for John Lewis includes both vintage and modern photography carefully selected from Trunk Archive’s photographic archive, featuring major names from the world of fashion photography such as Andy Bettles, Greg Kadel, John Akehurst and Richard Phibbs.

“One of our key focuses at Trunk Archive is to enrich everyday life by making extraordinary and previously unseen art available and accessible,” says Samira Ali, director of consumer product licensing, Trunk Archive. “We feel that our collaboration with K+M for JLP accomplishes this goal beautifully.”

The collection is a part of JLP’s House for John Lewis line, the retailer’s new home wares brand.

“House is intended to offer good design at affordable prices. The Trunk Archive images have added an element of individuality and surprise to the collection," says Sian Rees, head of publishing, K+M. "The variety of classic black-and-white fashion, ethereal florals and dynamic graphic compositions previously unseen in an art print format, renders the Trunk Archive Collection a distinctively different range.”