E3 Kicks Off in LA


The annual gaming convention Electronic Entertainment Expo opened its doors in Los Angeles, Calif., Tuesday with top companies like Activision, Sony and Microsoft unveiling new products for the coming year.

The new Media Futures study conducted by Magid shows that close to 70 percent of Americans ages 8 to 64 play some sort of electronic game. New devices are fueling much of that activity, with 45 percent of smartphone owners playing games on their device, and 69 percent of tablet owners, making smartphones and tablets the largest platform for weekly gamers in the U.S.

Console gaming remains a passion for many Americans though, with consoles in 50 percent of households in the U.S.  More than 23 percent of console gamers (up from 19 percent last year) believe they will increase their spending on console games in the year ahead, a number that is expected to be boosted by the launch of new consoles from Microsoft and Sony in the year ahead.

A major driver of the future success of the console gaming business is Downloadable Content (DLC). In the past 12 months, 39 percent of console gamers have purchased DLC in addition to the console game they originally bought, representing more than $2 billion in additional revenue.