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Zoonicorn Debuts New Series of Animated Sing-Along Music Videos

Zoonicorn has introduced three new animated music videos with original scores and lyrics.

The music videos, inspired by Zoonicorn characters, will be available on YouTube and HappyKidsTV, with additional distribution agreements set with Kabillion, Kid Genius and

In each video, young animals who are facing a real-life challenge head on an adventure into the dreamland Zooniverse. The songs performed by the Zoonicorns help the animals solve their problems and teach them essential life lessons. All Zoonicorn videos include an engaging “bouncing ball” of lyrics for kids to sing along with. Music videos include:

  • “Let me fly–The You Be You Song”: Odessa the ostrich, Promi and all the Zoonicorns help Odessa, who is self-conscious that she cannot fly like the other birds. Odessa sings about her desire to operate and Promi reassures her that every bird is different and that we all have different talents and skills. 
  • “Be a Friend, Make a Friend–The Birthday Song”: Jomi, the red panda, Valeo and all the Zoonicorns help Jomi, who is invited to a birthday party but is afraid to go. Apprehensive that she won’t know anyone, the Zoonicorns teach her that you need to be a friend to make a friend.
  • “New Point of View – The Play Date Song”: Pancake the otter, Ene and all the Zoonicorns help Pancake, who needs to visit a friend in a different neighborhood. Ene’s creation allows them to fly together over the land, seeing the world from a different perspective. Ene teaches Pancake that any problem can be solved if you put your mind to it and look at things from a different direction.

The animated music videos add to the Zoonicorn’s growing list of products including game apps, books and online activities. Zoonicorn also recently launched a line of plush toys with [email protected].  

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