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Wicked Cool Toys Launches My Partner Pikachu Interactive Toy

Wicked Cool Toys has announced the launch of My Partner Pikachu, a new, fully interactive Pokémon toy.

The latest Pokémon toy uses touch sensor technology to bring Pikachu to life and enable anyone to become a Pokémon Trainer in the real world. It is available now at Target, Amazon and other retailers across the U.S.

Never before have fans been able to engage and interact on this level with a Pokémon product in the real world,” says Michael Rinzler, co-president, Wicked Cool Toys. “My Partner Pikachu uses touch sensor technology in a unique way to bring Pikachu to life and offer fans a way to role-play as Pokémon trainers with their own interactive Pokémon.”

My Partner Pikachu is built to communicate with its owner. Discovery mode allows users to interact with Pikachu’s touch sensors to discover more than 100 reactions, while training mode lets users master Pikachu’s different touch sensor combinations to learn its nine different responses. With 39 touch combinations and at least five interactions for each combo, My Partner Pikachu has more than 100 different reactions.

“While sensory technology has been used in toy lines previously, My Partner Pikachu takes this technology to a whole new level by providing a myriad of varied responses that make fans feel that Pikachu is truly communicating with them in an organic way,” adds Jeremy Padawer, co-president, Wicked Cool Toys.

The launch of the interactive plush follows the recent debut of a slew of new Pokémon plushes from Wicked Cool Toys. Earlier this year, the company launched a collection of Pokémon items for characters such as Pikachu, Meowth, Rowlet, Litten, Popplio and Mimikyu.

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