Super Impulse Adds World's Smallest Hot Wheels Super Set

In partnership with Mattel, Super Impulse, creator of the World’s Smallest line, is introducing the Hot Wheels Super Set into its World’s Smallest Hot Wheels line.

The set will include all four sets of Hot Wheels tracks–the original Hot Curves Action Set, the Stunt Action Set, the Drag Race Action Set and the Rally Case­–in one box. Enthusiasts will be able to design their own stunt world with endless possibilities.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Cracker Barrel to add this new Hot Wheels Super Set to the World’s Smallest line,” says Alan Dorfman, president, Super Impulse. “With great stunts and racing features, World’s Smallest Hot Wheels Super Set allows fans to build and race on all tracks in one awesome set, adding incredible play value to the line.”

The Hot Wheels Super Set is available now, exclusively at Cracker Barrel retail stores.

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