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Spin Master, HappyGiant Bring ‘Dragamonz’ to Life with AR

Spin Master, HappyGiant Bring ‘Dragamonz’ to Life with AR

The half-dragon, half-animal toy collectibles battle in augmented reality and soon on streaming platforms.

Spin Master has partnered with HappyGiant to develop an augmented reality mobile app for the new “Dragamonz” franchise.

The app comes as part of the “Dragamonz” toy line and card game, aimed to bring the more-than-72 characters of the franchise to life by supplementing the traditional play and collectible experience. The free-to-play app lets kids scan their “Dragamonz” cards into the game to collect dragons, “virtually” smash open their eggs and summon them to battle.

“‘Dragamonz’ does not use AR as an ‘add on.’ It is an integral part of the game and experience,” says Mike Levine, chief executive officer, HappyGiant. “The game itself is an in-depth mobile trading card game that uses AR as a platform to bring the ‘Dragamonz’ battles into kids’ worlds as a connected experience to the physical cards and toys. We are thrilled to work with Spin Master to virtually bring to life this amazing new property.”

“Dragamonz” is a new franchise from Spin Master. Half-dragon, half-animal, the “Dragamonz” battle to rule Dragamar, where they come from six factions in the fictional land.

Along with the AR app and collectible toys, Spin Master has created an animated series for Amazon based on the IP. The series follows the unlikely “Dragamonz” hero, Dax, who has been tasked with the quest to restore peace in Dragamar as well as unite the land and his fellow Dragamonz.

Before the launch of “Dragamonz,” Spin Master made headlines for being named toy partner for Netflix series “Gabby’s Dollhouse.”

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