Smooshy Mushy Squeezes Out Deals

Olo Industries has signed new deals to create both an interactive app and a blog around its collectibles brand, Smooshy Mushy.

WarDucks has helped to create “My Smooshy Mushy,” an immersive app that gives users a chance to bring their Smooshy Mushy characters to life using AR technology.

Redwood Ventures has signed on to launch “Toy Time,” a new vlog series starring the Jones’ Girls as they discuss news reporting, crafting, cooking and more alongside their favorite Smooshy Mushys. New episodes will premiere each week.

"We are thrilled to launch both the vlog and the app as two new platforms for the #SmooshySquad to engage with the brand,” says Shelly Owen, founder and owner, OLO industries.  “Both bring the brand and products to life, as the blog is a new way to engage with fans and the app acts as a new way for consumers to play with their Smooshy Mushy characters."

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