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Hot Wheels id to Connect Physical and Digital Play

Hot Wheels id to Connect Physical and Digital Play

Mattel brings its longstanding toy car racers to the digital world with a new spin on playtime.

Mattel has revealed a new mixed play system, Hot Wheels id, which will bring a digital edge to the longstanding toy car brand.

Hot Wheels id invites children to collect their own fleet of die-cast wireless cars, scan them and race with friends online. Scanning each Hot Wheels id wireless car with the new Race Portal will allow children to keep track of speed and lap data while exploring a new virtual world via a digital copy of their car. The Smart Track also offers a boost to physical play that adds to the car’s top speed data, as well as jumps and crash hazards.

“Hot Wheels began innovating vehicle play over 50 years ago and now, we are doing it again with Hot Wheels id,” says Chris Down, chief design officer, Mattel. “While the brand is no stranger to digital play, this is the first time our fans will be able to keep track of top-speeds, races-won, and challenges-completed with Hot Wheels id die-cast in the physical world. Then, they can collect, manage and race the same cars in the digital world. This revolutionary Mixed Play experience enables kids of all ages to take on challenges like never before.”

Including new signature vehicles, a Race Portal scanner, Smart Track kit and dedicated app on Apple Store, the “Hot Wheels id” App is available exclusively on

The new toys add to Mattel’s expanding Hot Wheels lines, which also include waterparks and entertainment centers.

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