WBCP Fetes 1 Million Vehicles

Warner Bros. Consumer Products EMEA and publishing partner Eaglemoss are celebrating a milestone: they have rolled out the 1 millionth Batman Automobilia partwork.

The Batman Automobelia partwork launched in the U.K. in January, and launched into the U.S. and Australia markets thereafter. The partwork milestone was reached in just 10 months, according to WBCP EMEA.

Now WBCP EMEA and Eaglemoss are working together to launch the partwork in Europe and Latin America next year, as well as the development of more than 80 different Batmobiles and Villains vehicles.

“With his roots in DC Comics, Batman has become one of the best known Super Hero crime fighters of all time,” says Pilar Zulueta, executive vice president, general manager, WBCP EMEA. “When we think of Batman, we automatically think of his gadgets, the Super-Villains he goes up against and his cool vehicle–the Batmobile. Working together with the team at Eaglemoss we wanted to find the perfect way to bring these different Batmobiles to life in the hand of the consumers. We have achieved that in the Eaglemoss published Batman Automobilia partwork collection.”

"The Batman Automobilia parkwork collection combines Batmobiles from all the different kinds of media–movies, TV, animation and, of course, comics,” says Maggie Calmels, group development director, Eaglemoss Publishing Group. “We're even planning to include Batmobiles from video games and upcoming animated series. We know that pulling all of that together has an enormous appeal to collectors and is as it’s something that hasn’t been done before and it’s genuinely new and exciting. We’re very proud to be part of this project."