Rubie's Hatches Hatchimals Costumes

Spin Master’s breakout toy line inspires new line of Halloween dress up items.

Spin Master has tapped Rubie’s Costume Company to produce a range of licensed costumes inspired by the popular Hatchimals toy brand.

Available in a variety of child sizes, the new costume collection will feature both hatched and ready-to-hatch Pengualas and Draggles characters in specific coloring to replicate the traits Hatchimals toys.

Rubie’s will also offer dress up costumes and accessories in separates and boxed sets.

“We have seen a tremendous response to Hatchimals. We’re thrilled this agreement with Rubie’s Costume Company will allow children to bring the magic of Hatchimals to life through costume play,” says Ben Gadbois, president and chief operating officer, Spin Master. “This, in addition to our plans for Hatchimals in 2017, will build the brand and fuel children’s imaginations for years to come.”

The Hatchimals collection from Rubie’s will be available online and at retailers throughout the U.S. this Halloween season.