NFL Updates Classic Game

Tudor Games, makers of the classic Electric Football game, announced a licensing agreement with the National Football League to market a new collection of NFL Electric Football games and NFL Team Action Figure sets.

While two teams of football players still face off on the vibrating gridiron to create the action and fun, the NFL Electric Football games of 2014 have innovative features including Invisibase cleats, SpeedTurf fields, and PlayAction remote controls.

Other major enhancements in the battery-powered game include Invisibase speed and strength cleats, devices that propel the one-inch action figure players across the field with accuracy. Translucent in color, players wearing Invisibase Cleats appear to be running directly on the new SpeedTurf playing fields. SpeedTurf replaces the noisy and problematic metal boards of the past with a fully detailed hi-tech surface, powered by a variable speed handheld PlayAction Remote Control.      

“We’re thrilled to engage in this licensing agreement with Tudor Games,” said Timothy Langley, director of consumer products, NFL Properties. “We believe these NFL Electric Football games and action figures are an exciting new take on a proven fan favorite and are an excellent fit with our goal to promote and support NFL football, enhance fan interest and loyalty, and ensure that our fans have access to quality products.”

The Electric Football game will be available in three playing field sizes, and NFL Electric Football Action Figures will be sold in sets of 11 players in home and away uniforms for every team. Electric Football will hit stores in time for the holiday season.