Nelvana Collects Shopkins Partners

The Corus Entertainment company will extend the collectible brand to food, licensees and agents.

Nelvana Enterprises, the brand management and consumer products division of Corus Entertainment, is helping to extend Moose Toys’ Shopkins range to even more partners, as the brand continues to grow around the world in 2017.

First, Nelvana has sealed a deal with fast service restaurant McDonald’s for a Happy Meals promotion that will kick off this fall in France.

In Russia, Nelvana has tapped sub-agent Megalicense to represent the brand for licensing in the Commonwealth of Independent States, Ukraine and other Baltic nations.

“Shopkins has been a strong hit for the local distributors like Unitoys (Russia), Kiddisvit (Ukraine) and Anvol (Baltics),” says Friderico Gatti, chief executive officer, Megalicense.We plan to build an extensive and successful licensing program and cross-promote the brand through different media platforms."

Other recent licensees on board for the Shopkins consumer product program now include Bonbon Buddies for confectionery in France, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia; Corsair Toiletries for personal care products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste bubble bath and lip gloss in France, Belgium and Switzerland; Ravensburger for puzzles available in France, Italy and Spain; Sahinler for apparel, undergarments and sleepwear in France and Monaco; The Cookie Company for jewelry, hair accessories, swimwear, underwear and cold weather accessories in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg; and Trudeau for housewares available throughout Europe.