McDonald’s Features Cut the Rope

Zeptolab has announced a multi-market Happy Meal promotion with McDonald’s for its mobile game brand Cut the Rope.

ITV Studios Global Entertainment, Zeptolab’s licensing agent in Europe, brokered the deal.

Running through October, the promotion will be featured in 37 markets across Europe alongside an exclusive app, “Cut the Rope: Hungry for Fruit,” available via "McDonald’s Happy Studio" for both iOS and Android platforms.

The goal of the game is to get candy-eating monster Om Nom on a steady diet of fruit by popping floating bubbles that contain either fruit or Om Nom himself. 

During the promotion, every Happy Meal purchase will come with one of eight Om Nom fruit-themed toy premiums. Store window takeovers, fruit sampling, fun fruit recipe cards and premium demos are among the activities that will further support the program and new game.

"This multi-territory partnership with McDonald’s Europe demonstrates the caliber of major promotional partners that Cut the Rope is now attracting on a global scale," says Trudi Hayward, senior vice president, global head of merchandise, ITVS GE. “A 360-degree entertainment franchise with a presence that extends across digital games, broadcast, consumer products, promotions and social media, Cut the Rope is perfectly placed to provide engaging and interactive experiences, in the real world and the digital space.”

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