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Mattel Debuts Star Wars Bloxels

Characters and themes from the iconic Lucasfilm franchise inspires new connected technology platform and children’s game.

NORTH AMERICA–Mattel and Pixel Press, in association with Lucasfilm, have released Star Wars Bloxels–a themed video game creation platform allowing users to act as the game designer, artist, storyteller, publisher and player.

The Star Wars-branded game will see aspiring game developers and designers use the Death Star-themed game board to customize and build their stages, as well as watch their game come to life as a retro arcade style game on the “Star Wars Bloxels” app. Once the preliminary design is uploaded, children can customize the game’s graphics to highlight different Star Wars environments such as Hoth, Jabba’s Palace, Mos Eisley, the Ewok Village or the Death Star.

After the game is complete, fans can publish their video games to a community of players, enabling users to play and explore each other’s gaming worlds.

Star Wars Bloxels is now available online at and at retailers nationwide.

“Through our collaboration with Pixel Press, as well as Disney and Lucasfilm, to bring Star Wars Bloxels to store shelves, we are continuing our tradition of creating products that enable learning and development through play,” says Sven Gerjets, chief technology officer, Mattel. “Star Wars Bloxels not only gives kids the opportunity to enjoy the iconic characters and stories of this iconic franchise in a unique way, but also provides a great entry point for learning coding, programming and game design.”

Additionally, Mattel’s partnership with Pixel Press is part of the company’s recent efforts to evolve play by developing connected technology platforms.

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