Mattel Collabs with Chinese IP

Toy company will develop “Bodhi and Friends” brand for merchandise under its Fisher-Price banner.

Mattel is partnering with Century Innovative Technology, the company behind 3D animation brand “Bodhi and Friends,” for products. The partnership marks the first time Mattel has licensed a Chinese animation IP.

Mattel will create and distribute a range of “Bodhi and Friends”-branded toys under its Fisher-Price division.

"This partnership represents a significant milestone for Mattel in China. While we have been in China since the 1980s, this marks the first time we will be launching a toy line based on a home-grown China-based preschool intellectual property," says Peter Broegger, managing director, Asia Pacific, Mattel.

“Bodhi and Friends” was created 10 years ago as a charity project intended to foster moral development of children through inspirational comics. In 2012, CIT was established and the animation, interactive games and edutainment products were launched. Now, CIT produces more than 200,000 minutes of animated content per year.

"Having Mattel as our global partner is a dream come true because they are not just a toy company," says Poman Lo, chief executive officer and founder, CIT. "Everyone at Mattel truly cares about how each toy can foster learning and impact a child's development. We share a core vision to empower children to pursue their dreams and achieve their potential. I am deeply touched with their passion for innovation and quality as well as their genuine commitment to growing the ‘Bodhi and Friends’ franchise together."