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LEGO Acquires BrickLink

LEGO Group acquires BrickLink to strengthen ties with adult fans.

The LEGO Group has announced the acquisition of NXMH’s BrickLink, the world’s largest online LEGO fan community and marketplace.

The BrickLink platform has more than one million members and comprises an online marketplace of more than 10,000 stores from 70 countries. It also includes a digital building software where builders can design and showcase their creations and an online community where fans share ideas and builds.
“Our adult fans are extremely important to us,” says Niels B Christiansen, chief executive officer, LEGO Group. “They are passionate, committed and endlessly creative. We have worked closely with the community for many years and look forward to deepening our collaboration. We plan to continue to support BrickLink’s active marketplace and evolve BrickLink’s digital studio, which allows our talented fans to take their creativity to the next level.”
The platform, now headquartered in Irvine, Calif., was founded in 2000 by Dan Jezek as a way to connect like-minded adult LEGO fans from around the world. It was acquired in 2013 by NXMH, owned by Korean entrepreneur Jung-Ju “Jay” Kim.

“BrickLink provides the LEGO Group with a unique opportunity to connect with adult fans through new channels and exciting experiences,” says Julia Goldin, chief marketing officer, LEGO Group. “We’ve recently collaborated with BrickLink on a range of crowd-sourced sets to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brick. We learned a lot and are keen to explore more ways of working together to create value. We look forward to collaborating further with our adult fans, while retaining and nurturing the independent spirit of the digital platform.”
The acquisition also includes Sohobricks, which makes small batches of building elements.
Financial terms of the acquisition, set to close by the year’s end, were not disclosed.

“I am confident the platform will be in good hands with the LEGO Group,” says Jung-Ju “Jay” Kim, owner, NXMH. “As a fan myself, I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

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