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Hasbro Passes Go on Ms. Monopoly

New board game aims to celebrate the groundbreaking inventions and innovations made possible by women throughout history.

Hasbro has announced the debut of Ms. Monopoly, a new spin on the classic board game that aims to celebrate the inventions made possible by women throughout history.

Hitting shelves later this month, Ms. Monopoly will replace the game’s classic properties with new landmarks that highlight the work of female inventors and entrepreneurs throughout the years. The board’s new squares will include inventions such as WiFi, chocolate chip cookies and solar heating.

The game is also the first-ever Monopoly where women make more than men. Women players will collect 240 Monopoly bucks when they pass "GO," while male players will collect the traditional 200 Monopoly bucks. The idea is to create an environment where women have an advantage often enjoyed by men in the real world.

“Through the introduction of Ms. Monopoly and the money these young women have received to invest in their future projects, we want to recognize and celebrate the many contributions women have made to our society and continue to make on a daily basis,” says Jen Boswinkel, senior director, global brand strategy and marketing, Hasbro.

To celebrate the launch of the new title Hasbro awarded young women inventors and entrepreneurs with approximately $20,580 in real money. The funds are aimed at providing the women fuel for future projects. The amount of funding, $20,580, is based on the number of bucks in a Monopoly board game set.

Ms. Monopoly is another offshoot to Hasbro’s well-loved board game. It joins other recently announced renditions from the likes of the game inspired by “Fortnite” and “Sonic the Hedgehog.”

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