Hasbro Fetes Action Man's 50th

Classic toy character to mark anniversary with five new figures.

Hasbro is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Action Man brand with a new line of collector's edition figurines created in partnership with Art + Science International.

The Action Man brand, licensed by Hasbro, was popular from the '60s through the '90s and came equipped in almost every military uniform imaginable as well as outfits for astronauts, divers, pilots, skiers, parachutists, firemen and an Olympian.

To celebrate the brand's 50th anniversary in 2016, the toy company has teamed with Art + Science International to bring back the toy brand.

Art + Science International in developing five retro figures that will be released in June 2016 to coincide with Father’s Day and Armed Forces Day.

The range will feature the classic British infantrymen–the skier, the parachutist, the scuba diver–and to specially remember 1966, the footballer. Each special edition figure will include accessories, gripping hands, the realistic “flock” hair and the character's famous scar. Other famous features like Eagle Eye and Muscle Torso will appear in later releases.

Each new Action Man figure will be presented in a diorama scene with a 50th anniversary edition dog tag and illustrated Action Man manual with illustrations from the brand's original artist, Douglas Hart.

“This unique range is being developed exclusively for the gift and collector’s market, and we hope that it triggers many fond memories of everyone’s childhood play, including my own," says Peter Rooke, managing director, Art + Science International. "Through a series of themed releases starting in 2016, we hope to capture the very best of the Action Man brand."

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