Fuhu Debuts Kids' Wearables

New Nabi Compete activity tracker designed specifically for kids ages 6 and up.

Fuhu, creator of the Nabi kids' tablet, has entered the wearables arena with the new Nabi Compete competitive bands for kids.

The device, which is targeted for kids ages 6 and up, includes the "Nabi Compete" app and measures activity level in a gamified way to track steps and challenges based on real world places and landmarks, such as racing to the end of the Brooklyn Bridge or the National Mall Loop. The app also shows kids how many calories they burned off with each activity challenge through comparison of children's favorite foods like pizza, cheeseburgers and cookies to provide meaning behind the number of calories burned. 

To keep kids engaged, Nabi Compete offers a reward-based system where kids can earn points and badges by being active, winning competitive challenges and completing activity goals with others.

The Nabi Compete is now available at Target and Best Buy in the U.S.

"As we enter the wearables market, we wanted to find a way that would really utilize technology to help parents encourage their kids to get active in a fun way, not in a way that would be perceived as being a task," says Jim Mitchell, chief executive officer, Fuhu. "To that end, in designing Nabi Compete we looked closely at what keeps kids engaged with gaming, social interaction, friendly competition and performance rising to the top of our list. With the launch of Nabi Compete, we believe we have developed a product and platform that will excite kids, get them active at an early age and fuel their interest and awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and personal fitness."

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