FranceTV Takes on Playmobil Brands

FranceTV Distribution has signed on to represent the Playmobil brand and the new TV series, “Super 4,” which is based on the toy brand.

FranceTV will represent “Super 4” for licensing in France, Luxembourg and

French-speaking Belgium, and Playmobil in France and Benelux with a view to developing the classic product range for adults.

"This is the first time we have given permission for an animated series based on the world of Playmobil to be made," says Bruno Bérard, chief executive officer, Playmobil France. "The combined creative talents of Morgen Studios and Method Animation have ensured that ‘Super 4’ will match up to the wildest imaginings of young Playmobil fans."

The series is being co-produced by Morgen Studios and Method Animation in association with France Télévisions and will air later this year in the Ludo programming slot on France 3.

"FranceTV distribution is proud to be adding the Playmobil and Super 4 brands to its children's catalog. Playmobil is associated with very high standards of quality and creativity, so for ‘Super 4,’ we will be aiming to attract licensing partners who will gradually launch merchandising products that meet those standards," says Yann Chapellon, president and chief executive officer, FranceTV Distribution.