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Exclusive: The Point.1888 Brings New Licensees to Moonbug's 'CoComelon' 

Licensing agency The Point.1888 has given License Global insight into 66 new partners across EMEA for Moonbug Entertainment's "CoComelon."    

After signing The Point.1888 as master licensing agent in EMEA for its portfolio of brands – bar "CoComelon" in Germany, Switzerland and Austria – last summer, the U.K.-based agency brought 11 leading licensees in the U.K. to the brand with a further 12 in May.   

The Point.1888 has announced a massive roster of new partners with nine additional licensees in the U.K.; including Little Brother Books (annuals), Tonies (audio), Corsair (health and beauty), Bayer (prams and strollers), William Lamb (footwear and bags), MV Sports (wheeled goods), Hunter Price (secondary toys), Drew Pearson (headwear and accessories) and 8th Wonder (plush chairs and warmers). Pan European licensees include Ravensburger (puzzles), Procos (party), Amscan (balloons), Clementoni (puzzles and games), Sinco (role play, ride-ons and pop-up tents), Mondo (play balls) and Rubies (dress up).   

"With Moonbug's 'CoComelon' being the No. 1 children's and educational channel on YouTube, with more than one-hundred billion views globally, and also the world's most-streamed show on Netflix, it is the perfect timing for new products to launch in market," says Bethan Garton, commercial director, The Point.1888. "We've all worked hard to ensure that our partners understand the brand's mission and values to ensure that every new product launched will provide fans with as much fun and support as the channel does. We cannot wait for the next stage and to see these products come to market."  

 "We are delighted to be working with our partners across EMEA to continue to harness the power of our brands across the region," says Adam Steel, senior commercial manager, international licensing, Moonbug. 

"CoComelon" will also be extending its brand across Benelux with Vadobag (bags), Van der Erve (apparel and accessories) and TM Essentials (puzzles and crafts). In Iberia, licensing agency El Ocho has worked with The Point.1888 to secure deals with CEFA Toys and Educa Borras (puzzles), Stor (lunchware), Safta (bags), Random House Spain (publishing), Air Val (fragrance), Atta (electric ride-ons), Saica (wheeled goods) and Portugal's Grupo Leya (publishing).  


New "CoComelon" licensees across EMEA are below:   


In Israel, LDI has signed:  

· Diamant (toys and games)  

· GSS (arts and crafts)  

· IsraToys (puzzles)  

· My Gifts Ltd. (toys and homeware)  

· Classikaletet (publishing)  

· Getter (home and outdoor)  

· DTR Limited (apparel and bedding)  


In Italy, Evolution of Licensing has secured deals with:  

· Coriex (accessories);  

· Zaini (chocolate confectionary);  

· Dulcop (soap and bubble toys);  

· Easy Shoes (children’s branded footwear);  

· Multiprint (stationery);  

· Oled (branded lunchware);  

· Modecor (cake décorations);  

· Headu (educational games and puzzles);  

· Mondadori Publishing (book publishing);  

· Edizioni Play Press (colouring and activity);  

· Panini (sticker collections and a magazine);  

· Mondo (scooters);  

· Lisciani (arts and crafts);  

· Cerealitalia (confectionery); and  

· Grani (kiosk arts and crafts).  


For the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), Spacetoons has secured:  

· Bonbona (licensed candy and confectionary);  

· Hollywood Magic (apparel and accessories);  

· Toypro (arts, crafts and wheeled products);  

· Al Qadah (party goods); and  

· First Kid (back to school).  


In France, Brand Energy have signed:  

· Sun City (apparel) and  

· D'Arpeje (wheeled goods).  


In the Nordics, Ferly has secured deals with:  

· Intersource (branded toys);  

· Upcoming Minds (puzzles); and 

· Contrast (apparel).  


In Turkey, Lisans has signed:  

· Ulupinar (apparel);  

· Utku (games and puzzles); and 

· Dogan Egmont (publishing).  


In South Africa, CLM has secured partnerships with:  

· Character Group (bed and bath) and  

· Butterfly (publishing).  

"While we already had the utmost confidence in the abilities of our sub-agents, we are still blown away by the deals they have signed for Moonbug's 'CoComelon,'" says Garton. "Not only is the caliber high, but the broad range of categories will help ensure 'CoComelon's fast-growing audience can build a greater affinity with the brand and still get enjoyment from it in a number of ways in addition to the broad spectrum of digital content."  

With more than 100 billion views globally, "CoComelon" is building its EMEA partnership with significant steps from The Point.1888 and their sub-agents. What's more, is that "CoComelon" is just part of the Moonbug portfolio, which includes Blippi, "Little Baby Bum," "My Magic Pet Morphle," "Supa Strikas," "Go Buster," "Playtime with Twinkle" and more across 27 different languages.  

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