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Days of Wonder Unleashes ‘Small World of Warcraft’

The board game allows fans of “World of Warcraft” to play like never before.

Days of Wonder is excited to announce the release of “Small World of Warcraft” in stores and online, including the Blizzard Gear Store.

Small World of Warcraft” is a new board game combining the “Small World” game mechanics with Blizzard Entertainment’s “Warcraft” universe. The game is set on Blizzard’s fantasy world of Azeroth, where the races of the Alliance and the Horde clash in a world-consuming conflict.

In “Small World of Warcraft,” players choose combinations of powers and races from the Warcraft universe and vie for control of Azeroth. To help them achieve dominance, players will occupy legendary places and seek control of artifacts. However, all empires must eventually fall, so players will have to make decisions and allow an overextended race under their control to fall into decline and allow a new one to vie for control of Azeroth.

Days of Wonder worked closely with Blizzard to create a game that seamlessly brings together both universes. “Small World of Warcraft” features a variety of new and exclusive artwork that captures the feel of the “Warcraft” universe, with races and powers designed to be familiar to the millions of “WoW” players around the world.

“Working alongside Blizzard has been an amazing experience,” says Adrien Martinot, head, Days of Wonder. “Not only did our vision for the game align quickly, but the creative work we’ve done together has been intense and extremely satisfying. Blizzard allowed us to dive deep into the rich ‘Warcraft’ universe, and I'm eager to see this incredible cooperation come to light with the game’s release.”

Small World of Warcraft” is a standalone game designed for two-to-five players and can be completed in 40-to-80 minutes.

Small World of Warcraft” is available now in North America and Europe and will be available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Fans can purchase the game from the Blizzard Gear Store as well as other retail stores and online.

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