Classic Toys Get Pet Versions

Wham-O and Precious Tales, a division of Enchante Accessories, are planning a line of pet products inspired by classic Wham-O toy brands such as Frisbee and Hula Hoop.

Precious Tales will develop a range of pet toys and accessories for brands including Original Frisbee, SuperBall, Hula Hoop and Trac-Ball.

Wham-O’s licensing agents, Out Of The Box and Synchronicity, brokered the deal.

“Finding the right partner who shared our vision for Wham-O Pets was the key to our launching the brand. Precious Tails has quickly proven to be that partner,” said Kyle Aguilar, chief executive officer, Wham-O. “For more than 50 years our pets have shared the Wham-O brand of toys with their families. Now our pets can have their own Wham-O toys and accessories.”