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Barry & Jason Games Announce Rad Bill and Ted Game

Barry & Jason Games Announce Rad Bill and Ted Game
Rad time travelers get their very own traveling board game courtesy of Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment.

Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment has entered into a licensing agreement with Creative Licensing to develop a travel game based on the Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure franchise.

Company founders Barry McLaughlin and Jason Lautenschleger previously debuted original game titles including “Game Night in a Can,” “Dr. Biscuits’ Radical Road Trip” and “Crazy Aaron’s Ultimate Putty Challenge.” Now, the pair aims to license pop culture properties such as Bill & Teds to adapt for games.

“We are so excited to work with Creative Licensing on a movie that we’ve loved since we were kids, and we’re developing an awesome–dare I say excellent?–travel game for the property,” says McLaughlin.

McLaughlin and Lautenschleger started their game journey by hosting live comedy game shows and appearing as contestants on 10 game shows. Now, after launching original titles they aim to leverage the Bill & Teds license to create a travel game that encourages players to talk about modern issues and share their historical trivia knowledge.

Bill and Ted’s message of being excellent to each other is needed now more than ever,” says Lautenschleger. “That’s why, beyond really fun historical trivia, we'll be including some moments for conversation that will encourage players to talk about social issues and concerns in an engaging, creative way.”

Bill & Teds license has been leveraged by a variety of brands in recent months. In anticipation of the film’s upcoming sequel, due out next year, the property has been leveraged by companies such as Cubicall, a licensee that recreated the iconic phone booth from the original film.

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