TIA Creates Value for Attendees at Fall Toy Show

The Toy Industry Association has created a “Come Together” package for participants at the upcoming Fall Toy Preview in the Dallas Market Center, Oct. 9-12, 2007.  The package includes introductory pricing of $12 per square foot for members, and $16 for non-members. Wal-Mart, Target, Toys “R” Us, Aldi, AAFES, and Amazon are among the key retailers who have expressed interest in the event, as well as toy companies including Bandai, MEGA Brands, K’NEX, LeapFrog, and Alexander Doll Co. Based on brisk sales and current commitments, TIA expects more than 200 vendors and 600 buying entities at the show. For specific information about the “Come Together” package, vendors may contact their sales representative: Bill Osterholm 646.520.4864 (companies A to F); Leigh Rhein 646.520.4862 (companies G to O); and Ava Slepicoff 646.520.4852 (companies P to Z). Buyers may contact Joan Wyche at 646.520.4855.