'Powerpuff Girls' Bag Purse Line

Cartoon Network has paired with Polish handbag designer Sabrina Pilewicz for a 20th Anniversary “The Powerpuff Girls” handbag collection.

The SP x PowerpuffGirls range offers leather handbags in three distinct styles that reflect the characters’ unique personality.  

The #wisdombag features Blossom, the goal0oriented character; the #energybag features the joy-seeking heroine Bubbles, and the #powerbag features Buttercup, the valiant character.

The new line is supported with a robust marketing campaign with the slogan “What is your superpower?” and includes model Karolina Pisarek as brand ambassador.

 “We’re very proud to be announcing another great fashion collaboration for The Powerpuff Girls in EMEA, as part of our continued celebration of the brand’s 20th anniversary, and to be building on our reputation for partnering with really unique, high-end designers that have a shared DNA with PPG,” says Leila Loumi, licensing director, fashion and home, Cartoon Network Enterprises EMEA. “Sabrina Pilewicz is a young, independent designer who, through her own strength and determination, has built a brand led by women for women. The handbag collection she’s created inspired by our superhero trio is the perfect embodiment of that with a big injection of fun, too.”

The SBxPowerpuffGirls line is available now at the Sabrina Pilewicz boutique in Warsaw and online at SabrinaPilewicz.com

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