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AlienCon to Beam in Baltimore This Fall

AlienCon to Beam in Baltimore This Fall

A+E Networks and Mischief Management will kick off the first-ever east coast AlienCon in Baltimore, Nov. 9-11.

AlienCon, dedicated to the idea of extraterrestrial existence, is a three-day fan experience inspired by the History network series “Ancient Aliens.”

The event will provide an opportunity for curious individuals to gather to discuss beliefs surrounding extraterrestrial life and will offer more than 150 hours of sneak peeks, exclusive panels, original programming as well as appearances from experts in the field.

The West Coast iteration of AlienCon took place in Pasadena, Calif. earlier this year. The East Coast AlienCon will take place at the Baltimore Convention Center. Event highlights will include:

  • "Group Regression: Remember Your Contact Experience and Bring Closure" with Caroline Cory: A session with a guide who will help attendees activate their memories of abduction and contact experiences, tapping into the conscious mind as well as faint memories.
  • "Ancient Aliens: 50 Years of Chariots of the Gods": A celebration of the 50th anniversary of “Chariot Gods” with “Ancient Aliens” creator and executive producer Kevin Burns, as well as Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and author Erich von Däniken.
  • “Ancient Aliens: Space Station Egypt”: A discussion with “Ancient Aliens” contributors on the untold secrets of Egypt and the possibility that its secrets could be held on a planet far, far away.
  • AlienCon Party and Costume Contest: The first-ever AlienCon contest, which invites attendees to dress in their favorite costumes and to dance to the beats of an onsite DJ. The best dressed will be awarded a special prize.
  • From the Sky to the Screen: A Sneak Peek of “Project Blue Book”: A sneak peek at the new drama series, which will premiere Jan. 8 on History.

Tickets are available for purchase now at

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