10 Mins with Bacano Go! on Creating Digital Collectables

Isaac Woodby, founder and chief creative officer, Bacano Go!, speaks on bringing collectibles to the Web3 space.

Barbara Smith , Digital Editor

May 20, 2024

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Isaac Woodby.
Isaac Woodby.Bacano Go!

License Global: Can you share some background on Bacano Go!? 

Woodby: At Bacano Go!, our mission is clear: to pioneer blockchain collectibles for every fandom. Just as all sorts of products and media have undergone digitization, the same transformation is happening in the collectibles space. 

This is where Bacano Go! comes in, to help fans and licensors enter the world of blockchain collectibles together. Our line of animated 3D characters is adaptable to any character across film, television, comics, anime, sports and celebrities. So, fans can mint and digitally own their favorite characters, unlocking special content, holder benefits, and even playable web3 game skins. 

With our animation studio, Monster Truck Ninja, our goal is to leverage our 12+ years of experience collaborating with industry giants such as P&G, Bridgestone, Ralph Lauren and Warner Bros/DC Kids to animate licensed characters and bring them to life for their biggest fans. 

We’re excited about pioneering the future of collectibles, where fans can authentically own and enjoy their favorite characters in digital form. 


What do you look for in a licensing partner? 

If a licensing partner has a sense of humor … straight to the top of our list. In a licensing collaboration, we prioritize a shared sense of humor and a passion for fun projects. It’s essential that our collaborators align with our brand's playful spirit so we can surprise and delight both our customers. 

As a collectibles brand, we’re seeking to license iconic characters from diverse fandoms, both established and emerging, across TV, film, anime, sports, influencers, comic books and whatever people are fans of. 
Digital collectibles, whether on the blockchain or not, opens a lot of new possibilities for fans. So, creativity and collaboration are key – we value partners who engage in dialogue and are open to exploring how we can expand their IP into the space. 

How do you identify those potential partners? 

Well, we’re fans ourselves. We gravitate towards the stories and characters we love. Our team spans multiple generations and continents, so we all have a variety of interests and backgrounds, and we bring our knowledge of what's new and nostalgic for us to the table. So, we have a list of our favorites that we’d love to work with. 

For partners, we really look for people and brands who have a clear vision of what they'd like to do with us but are open to input and building off each other's strengths. I've noticed that the blockchain space is full of pioneers, so when we find each other there’s a kindred spirit and we naturally want to find a way to support and work with each other. That creates the most interesting collaborations you never would have thought about because the space is so innovative.  


What excites you most about creating new collaborations? 

We found that those in the space are really an eclectic group who love unique collaborations that explore what can be done technically or creatively. We tend to find people and brands that are pioneering in the field, and our unique strengths generate some really surprising collaborations. 

I love that Bacano Go! opens the door to so many new ideas and crossovers into worlds you’d never expect. We love that we get to play with content creators on social media, then work with brands in Asia, or game developers, and so many others. It’s always amazing to see what they’re doing and discover what we can do together. 
So, we’re always looking for people or brands that are interested in the digital space and hope we can help guide them like those who helped us. 

What can we expect from Bacano Go! for the remainder of 2024 and into 2025? 

In July, we’ll be releasing our generative NFT collection of 5,555 Marimondas. This is to build our community of early adopters who want to be a part of our ongoing community of licensed collectibles and will have access to special benefits, airdrops and partner collabs. 

Leading up to our launch, our mascot, Mani Marimonda, is going to Colombia to perform in the Festival del Bambuco along with hundreds of other marimondas in the carnival parade. 

After our launch, we’re excited to integrate our characters into a thrilling Web3 game where our community can come together to compete in tournaments for the chance to win in-game assets and prizes. Additionally, we'll be launching a brand store on Dosi, LINE messaging app’s NFT marketplace, catering to their expansive community across Asia and LatAm. 

We’ll release more collectible drops featuring original and licensed characters to grow our fan community. Hopefully some of those drops are a result from meeting new licensing partners at our Licensing Expo booth.  

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