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ZAG Launches ‘Miraculous’ on TikTok

ZAG is continuing to grow with its latest “Miraculous” launch.

ZAG and ON Kids & Family (Mediawan group) have brought “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir” to TikTok.

“Miraculous” on TikTok, expands the brand’s presence from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. In total, the series’ 12 official profiles include dedicated accounts for the series’ main characters and boast five million followers.

“With a powerful global brand and strong fan engagement and activity, extensions in digital amplify the magnitude of the fans, and help engage new audiences,” says Jeremy Zag, founder & chief executive officer, ZAG. “We continue to create new content across social media, and TikTok is going to be a great vehicle for us to share different types of content and reach out to fans across all demographics.”

The new TikTok channel will unveil never before seen footage including music videos with choreography, split screen videos with script and storyboards, short videos from the TV series reflecting seasonal events, characters speed drawing; promotional videos/teaser trailers, ‘making of’ videos; gaming previews, special VIP invitations and more.  

“’Miraculous’’ main strength is the incredible alchemy surrounding an everyday life heroine,” says Aton Soumache, co-founder and president, ON Kids and Family. “We adore Ladybug’s heroism, but we also identify with her, we feel close to her. Our digital development strategy enables us to get even closer to the audience and to adapt to new trends. ‘Miraculous’’ universe is accessible all the time, on every social network, but also in different forms, in order to offer custom-made experiences for all kinds of audiences: kids, parents… and all fans who stayed young at heart!”

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